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  • Kenneson

    Surely the G.B. must be aware that bad things happen to good
    people. Consider the Biblical Job and Jesus.

  • ronin1

    This is really sickening.

    The so-called "spiritual" elders and friends in the congs allowed this faithful sister in the cong for approx 20 years to take the bus home in this terrible crime ridden area by herself.

    The truth is maybe if someone drove her home she would be alive today.

    This was not unforseen. It could have been prevented by caring elders and friends in the cong. (However, there were none that night).


  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum

    When I was at B'klyn Bethel in 1970 I was assigned to attend meetings at a congregation in Bedford-Sty and as a white boy I can tell you that it was a scary area back then. I also thought at the time that God would protect me as I went to and from the congregation. One night when I was getting on a bus near the congregation, headed back to Bethel, two young black gang members followed me and sat down one on each side of me on the bus. Since I was carrying my JW books and one of the thugs noticed, he told the other one that his mother was a JW and I told him that I was from the headquarters and eventually they left me alone. At the time I thought that Jehovah was looking out for me, but in reality these guys probably realized that I didn't have any money because at that time we only got $14 per month.

  • TheOldHippie

    Ronin1 delights in calling this "sickening" - but I doubt if you have any knowledge about whether elders or others have asked her repeatedly if they should bring her home, but she has responded that no thanks I feel safe etc. It is so easy to throw out accusations as soon as a tragedy happens.
    This might in stead be a fruitful discussion as to "protection" or not. As someone stated here, one quickly says that the brothers were protected, when they were at the meeting and then a revolution broke out in an African country, and a couple of guys who thought they should stay at home in stead, were killed.
    For my part, I stopped believeing in protection when the Lilleids were murdered and when at approximately the same time half a congregation in Spain were fried to death in a bus, mothers and children screaming to get out but the heat being so intense that no bystanders could make it to the windows and thus had to watch the ones inside being fried. 20 or so died - and in me died the hope of protection at the same time.

  • plmkrzy

    ((((((((Logan Family)))))))

  • ronin1


    I spoke to an elder in my congregation and he agreed that she should not have been taking the bus home at night by herself. It could have been that even if she was independent, loving elders or others in the cong on a regular basis could have said: "sister, please let us drive you home. We know you can go by yourself, but we really care about you and want to see you get home safely". No matter how independent a person is, seeing the brothers true concern and love may move one to say "ok, thanks very much. I accept".

    So, I am not "throwing stones", but even Christ told the "John" to look after his mother after his death.

    The brothers and especially the elders must look after ones in the congs and especially our older ones and make sure they have, as can be possible, a safe haven home from the meetings.

    Jehovah and Jesus Christ expects that type of shepherding for their "sheep".

    So, I still do not excuse this cong or their elders.

    Her death could possibly have been avoided.


  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs

    Ronin, perhaps they did do all that you said.
    None of us knows why she rode the bus.
    But we can't judge her elders for her riding the bus.

  • ronin1


    I am stating my opinion, not necessarily judging. Only Jehovah and Jesus Christ can do that.

    But her death could have been prevented. It was not an "unforseen" occurrence because someone, if not the elders, other pubishers could have given this faithful sister of 20+ years a ride home. That's my final word.

    Ronin 1

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