Do JW's do a woldwide preaching work?

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  • Dutchie

    It doesn't matter if all people worldwide are being preached to or not because the Bible says that the very rocks would cry out with the good news. So I suggest that we all put our hands over our ears because those all rocks crying out are bound to cause a very loud noise.

  • Jigrigger

    LOL, having been a road musician for the last 25 years, I have been in countless laundromats and can affirm that I have seen JW mags in probably 80% of them. I don't think the mags ever get read, but I'll bet the ones who "place" them count time for it.


  • TR

    Good points, people.

    Case in point:

    Today, I was working in an antique shop and got to talking with the owner about old books. I pointed out that I used to be a JW and that some old JW publications are worth some money. I was explaining what kind of material was printed in the old Watchtowers, Awake, Golden Age, Consolations, etc.

    She looked at me very quizzically. She had never seen any of the WT publications! She had heard of JW's, but didn't know a thing about them OR their publications.

    Note to JWs: NO! I'm not telling where this woman works!



  • DazedAndConfused

    Even here in the US, the average total hours-per witness--and this includes all pioneers is only 15 hours per month. How can they say that even here the territories are being covered?

  • Simon

    Imagine how much more effective "stones crying out" would be?

    Peopel just dismiss them as another wierd religion but ...

    If they STOPPED, then I'm sure many, many more would believe when stones started crying out!

    (if it's true of course - I'm not expecting it anytime soon, lol)

  • sleepy

    They're always going on about how they are in 200 odd countries or whatever. Yet alot of these countries are just islands with tiny populations.
    The two biggest most massively populated countries in the world have only a handful of witnesses.
    You can fit whole population of the USA , Mexico , Brazil , Japan and the whole of Europe plus the old USSR into China.
    Yet there are nearly no witnesses in the whole of China.
    And that not counting India.

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