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  • rebelledat12

    Hi sweetie!
    I just finished reading "Crisis of Conscience" too, and just found this board a couple of weeks ago.
    You will definitely feel at home here.

  • Xander

    C++ kicks C's ass sideways.
    SYN: And Java SUCKS, so there.

    (Might see you in chat at some point - you seem to have significantly more experience than me, however, so I'm sure I'd just bore you And, in any case, I actually LIKE windows, so....OH, and you most certainly CAN hire me for lots of money. No offers, yet, though. Strange.)

    You have a rather extensive list of 'self-taught' items. Out of curiosity, are you certified in any of that? Cause when I do job interviews out here, I can know something backwards and forwards, write sample code, etc., but, since I don't have a degree/certificate yet, I just never get hired. Generally it's a "We'd like to hire you, but we really need someone with a degree." GRRRR. [>:(]

    Xander F
    (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America - Ohio order)

    A fanatic is one who, upon losing sight of his goals, redoubles his efforts.
    --George Santayana

  • spender

    that's what you get for working with corporate america! If you've made a name for yourself, they don't care about any of that. It helps if you can show them things you've written with your knowledge...I know lots of certified people that are certifiably dumb. I did one day get bored and went to for some free legit certifications. I think I'm certified in 12 things now...some of which are linux administration, windows administration, word, C, korn shell scripting, network technical support...etc. I would be certified in much more, but those were the only free ones ;)

    I don't like's got silly rules. At least C actually follows the rules it has. I like working on the lower level, and in certain cases, that's the only option you have (I do operating system development). Generally all UNIX-related programs use C, except for the newer and larger stuff like MySQL et al.

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