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  • spender

    I meant stupid as in lacking a great deal of intelligence/knowledge. You skipped over all my points and tried to make a big deal out of a play on words, and your first sentence just discredited your previous argument about jobs. And what's this Yeshua jibba jabba? You believe in UFOs and all kinds of other nutsy stuff so who knows. I can't reason with people whose minds aren't on the same planet as the rest of us.

  • Xenu

    I do not understand why you have chosen a path in which you accuse my mind of being on another planet, such behavior I wish not to partake.
    As regards to Yeshua, perhaps you would do well to research this yourself and not to depend on people who claim they have done the research to discredit someone elses research. I will no longer respond to your post. May you find peace in the heart of the Elohim

  • Farkel


    It's obvious you are really dumb, or at the very least can't see a simple point staring you in the face.

    : The Gospels inform us that the Prophet Messiah was a carpenter.
    The Gospels inform us that St. Paul was a tent maker. The Elohim
    blesses the humble one. Do not think you are better than someone becuase of a career.

    So fucking what? The Watchtower Religion encourages and even REWARDS people who forsake education and take jobs like window-washing. Hell, they PROMOTE that kind of brain-dead work. Why? So those same brain-dead people can not question anything they say and sell WT braindead books.

    You are clueless. I'm sorry, Xenu, but I have no patience for idiots.


  • spender

    Farkel: I love you. Let's be friends. AlanF, you, and I....we can be a tag team. Whadya say?

  • Xenu

    The Gospels provide us fine lessons regarding the Elohim's view of occupation. That is why it matters. Such language that you use proves nothing, I hope you can find peace in the Heart of the Elohim and Yeshua. Due to your use of unwarranted disrespectful language towards me, I will no longer reply to your posts.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Fark, spender, Xenu,

    It's a religion that glorifies, even sanctifies underachievment and fical irresponsibility. For years leading up to the 1975 fiasco, it was conventional JW wisdom to denigrate -- and even ridicule --higher education, participation in retirement plans, life insurance and even private home ownership.

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