Wanna See Some Pics?

by think41self 31 Replies latest jw experiences

  • RR

    Hey Gopher, I can see the resemblance!!!

  • COMF

    This one's circa 1979. I can feel tension draining out of me as I remember it.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Thank you newlight2....I'm such a doofus....I even made myself a beck_melbourne homepage LOLOL.....Hopeless!!! I will try again because I have to get this right...as I have some pics of my brother zorro to share

    Hey COMF...which one of the cuties is you???


    I'm getting upset...please tell me it worked...and please tell me my babies are divine

  • COMF

    Let's try this. If we take off the http part on the start of the link, we may fool the forum software and get it to display the text. Then viewers can copy the link and paste it into their browsers' Address bar. The pictures don't show here in the post, but when I reveal the properties and copy the source to the address bar, I can see them.




    They are some little darlin's, aren't they!

  • FreePeace

    Beck, I tried to do the img src for your pics, but it didn't work.

  • NewLight2

    The reason that the pics won't show up here on this forum is that "geocities", where they are uploaded, will not allow any pics to be downloaded from their site onto another site. They did this to stop people from using their site for storage. Beck really did it right the first time, but geocities stoped the download.

  • Gopher

    Thanks to RR, Beck, Think41, and Dutchie. I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful daughter.

    Beck, yes this girl is exceptionally tall for her age, like her half-sister. And she's smart and lovable, and I could go on and on.

    -J.R., member, UADNA-MN
    (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America - Minnesota division)

    This post was not evaluated by any mental health professionals.
    Any opinions expressed are those of a fuzzy, cuddly rodent.

  • Dino

    BTW Gopher, Ive been meaning to tell you that you had a cute kiddo for a while now.

    Have fun, they grow up quick.


  • Kep

    What lovely pics alright.
    Beck, couldn't sees your ones, but got your email and checked the site.
    Pretty cool alright sis.
    Angharad, it does look cold alright, brrrr we're heading for winter down here, so I can relate.
    COMF, now that looks like a bit of me, I reckon I should get one set up in my office.
    Gopher, you sure do have a tall girl alright. It's so true how we can go on about them. I email my sisters almost every day and tell them what my girls been doing etc...
    Thanks think41self, I cherich my girls so much. It looks like you guys had a good knight out.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Thank you for the efforts folks....I am so cross...so much time I've wasted with geocities...I have my own homepage and everything!!! I had all this great stuff to share... What a waste of goddamn time that was!! Thanks NewLight2...geocites need smacking...I'm going back to the drawing board.

    My smoochy woochy ankle biters will have to pack up their things...cos we're off to find another site...any ideas??



    Gopher...where does the height come from?...your daughter has a lovely smile btw, and like you I am grateful for my pains in the bum, whining, demanding, always hungry, always thirsty, always want money bundles of joy

    COMF...nice legs

    FreePeace...thanks anyway...at least I know where the stuff up was

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