It's a "lose / lose" situation!

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  • millie210

    DJS I enjoyed your post and your reading material is top notch!

    I have a question though...the refreshment stands at assemblies...

    I know the "given reason" was that our "dear brothers, had to work SO hard at assemblies and also by bringing our own food we got to "associate more". That reason was BS because we know they dont care how much the rank and file work - they capitalize on it in fact!

    I heard that the real reason was because they were losing money on the arrangement because people werent donating enough.

    In the above post its mentioned that the refreshment stands were a money maker. I know assemblies were but were the refreshment stands themselves $$ makers?

    This question isnt just for DJS, I would appreciate any thoughts. I just want to know the facts of the matter.

  • oppostate

    IMHO the GB is asking out of their greedy want not the Org's needs

    They manufacture a perceived reason like loan forgiveness when clearly they've requested never ending payback to those loans. Bunch of greedy money grabbers that they are!

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