It's a "lose / lose" situation!

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  • stuckinarut2

    So the org is on a big "beg for money" drive right?

    So either they are running out of money and will eventually cease to have as much influence, OR, it is evidence of a lack of backing from "god", so they will eventually fade away?

    Either way, it's a "lose / lose" situation for the org!

  • Virran

    I don't believe for a second they "need" more money, it's just a classic case of greed. "Much ($$$) wants more.

    I think they're knee deep in the almighty dollar, probably already have more than they know what to do with. But humans have a hard time being in the lead without letting it get to their heads. Even the bible warns us from following men, because they're all liars.

    This whole Watchtower-phenomenon stems from people not following the biblical advice, not even reading it properly. And all people have a strong urge to belong. To anything. It's just an instinct. And some people have figured out how to take advantage of that.

  • sparrowdown

    Or their schemes are grander and they are getting greedier.

  • brandnew

    Ya know, lett..gave his broadcast..and it was totally about money.

    What kingdom message was given to help the rank & file jw's?

    Ummm, pretty soon i wouldnt put it past them to have a 800 number for pledging money to.


    Or their schemes are grander and they are getting greedier.....sparrowdown

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  • Vidiot

    Maybe they're anticipating a tsunami of child-abuse-related court losses and don't want to have to dip into their current coffers to pay for them.

    After all, I see no reason they won't continue refusing to hand over the pedo database or GB members for testimony, and we all saw the result of that.

  • DJS

    The Dark Lords rode their business design to financial success for decades. It was built on free labor, no taxes, literature sales, donations and food sales at conventions and the money left to them by long dead widows and widowers who had bought into the false promises. Real estate purchases have also enriched them. Brooklyn was a dive for decades; it is high rent now and when they sold.

    They still have free labor and no taxes. Selling off assets and either investing them or building new brick and mortar, as I've mentioned, are one time events. They won't use this for O&M costs. When they do they are desperate and dying.

    They can't sell literature and sandwiches where it matters. That leaves donations and wills and return on financial investments (see the above). It becomes less likely with each passing day that the rank and file are going to bequeath anything to the Dark Tower; the older gen of dubs HAS to be resentful and angry. At least the ones with a functioning brain.

    The rank and file at the congregation level likely also feel a lot of resentment to the Dark Tower. Most of them avoided college and decent paying jobs for low pay and no future. And the years keep passing. Retirement draws nearer and there isn't much in the retirement account. And paying for your kids to go to college? Forgetaboutit.

    Do any of us think for a micro-second that the typical dub will change their views regarding donations?

    The Dark Lords are delusional, IMHO.I hope they become more shrill and demanding in their pleas for $$$. It will be entertaining for us.

  • Vidiot

    @ DJS...

    Been reading Tolkein or King much, lately?

  • DJS


    I voraciously absorbed all things Tolkien several decades ago. And King supplies a lot of my sick humor. Glad you noticed.

  • Vidiot

    Figured it couldn't be Rowling. Not enough similarities.

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