Brief History of Palestine

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  • ThiChi


    I agree........



    Nice try:
    The issue is the national existence of a state, not the size of the nation itself.
    Hey Thichi...i'm not buying into this debate about Palestine/Israel Blah blah blah. Been there done's goes on forever. I was going off on a little bit of a tangent. I'm not using it to justify anything. All I'm saying is the Great monarchy of historic Israel wasn't that great. The history of the region is a little different from what use to be accepted...Certainly different from what the bible tells us.

    I personally think the ancient history of the region is kinda of irrelevant to the current cant get too bogged down in it and it can become quite ridiculous at times

    snip irrelevant shit

  • singsongboi

    thichi, you stated.......

    Well, Israel had statehood over 3,000 years ago, not after WWII.

    Seems that most nations use force to gain land, sooner than later. Australia is a good example too.........double standard singsongboi?


    thichi, i agree with all those points... (but not neccessarily all those in your other posts.)

    first... yes, europeans in australia, are extremely reprehensible in the matter of dispossessing indigenous australians...

    there is a sad record of:

    1. australian authorities ignoring the policy of the british govt. in these matters.
    2. the murder and rape of women and children.
    3. policies that can only be descibed as genocide (i.e. efforts to wipe out the indigenous peoples.
    4. the stealing of children, and their placement in church homes for indoctrination ( but were they were often sexually and physically abused.)

    i am on the side of the indigenous people....

    but!! as you point out this is part of the history of most (if not all nations)...

    how do we go back and right the wrongs of history ??

    e.g. i believe that i am mainly of anglo-saxon heritage -- much of my peoples land was stolen by norman (french) conqerors after 1066..

    i cannot change that ( and doan really care about it).

    i do not have the answers to palestine - israel problems!! but i do know that they are not black & white problems.

    the palestineans do not have clean hands,israel does not have clean hands either.. the so-called 'great powers' have used this conflict for their own base ends... and in the end the ordinary people suffer..

    ( and see i have not even started on islam...!!!)

    i do not believe that i have double standards...but forgive me if i do display some...!!!!

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