Oprah and My Mother

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  • jaded

    Puff, doesn't your mother know that JW's are not supposed to watch Oprah? Yep, at a Circuit Assembly about 7 yrs. ago the CO said from the platform that we should not be watching her show because she lives an immoral life and is therefore a bad example. No kidding. By the way that particular CO was a real jerk!

  • teenyuck

    jaded, that is sooo funny!! My Mom thinks Oprah is a goddess! She knows she lives with Stedman...however, she turns a blind eye.

    My mother is the type who hears of the latest cure/craze/hyped idea, whether it be health or psychiatry, and takes it for gospel. It drives me crazy.

    She has an answer for everything, based upon Oprah!

    Oprah, in the first few years, on a show called "AM Chicago" was good. It was refreshing to see a woman who was comfortable with herself and very smart. However, as the show became syndicated, it got into the Jerry Springer vein. Then she decided that was too trashy and changed to "feel good" topics.

    My mother picked up on the feel good stuff and ran with it. All my mother has to do is read the newspaper and a few magazines (other than the WT & Awake) and she would see that what she hears on Oprah is not new. The topics have been played to death.

    When Oprah retires, my mother will have a breakdown!

  • FreeFallin

    Aproximately 10 years ago a sister asked me if I had seen Oprah, apparently she had a full week of witness bashing on her show.


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