Restrictive vs Permissive

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  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    She didn't exactly ask my permission, and I didn't expect it as she was so young when it started and she is so shy. As a matter of fact, she didn't break our house rules (only group dating in junior high) as he isn't allowed to date at all.
    In any case, you are so right. He is so used to living a double life, that he thinks it is perfectly normal. I point out to Birdie quite regularly that he "just doesn't get it" about a lot of things. She agrees, but isn't ready to give him up as a friend or boyfriend.

    Lucid Sky, sorry, we kind of pulled your very intersting thread off topic.

  • Xena

    lol my sister used to tell my niece and nephew (when they were in their teens) that they shouldn't even be THINKING about members of the opposite sex, much less talking to them on the phone! Real realistic, huh?

    Did ya'll know that phone calls can be considered a "date" you should be ready, willing and able to marry a sister or brother if you have phone "dates"...wonder if you need a chaperone in case of phone sex???

  • LucidSky

    concerned mama - I agree with everyone else, also being in that situation before. The best outcome if they stay together would be for him to leave. That would cause no end of grief for him though. It may be inevitable, but you don't want to be a part of it. Just use care when bringing up the subject with your daughter. You don't want to push them together any more.

    JT - You are right on when the they talk about image.

    Xena - Oh, I hated that chaperone system. I suppose by now they've expanded their definition of dating to include e-mail now.

  • Xena

    Well I had heard that you can be d/fed for I wonder if you are alone in a chat room with a member of the opposite sex for an they automatically assume...????

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