For Adults: JW's and Sex/ Part II

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  • slipnslidemaster

    Seriously, take the CD and search for the terms "ORAL" and/or "ANAL". You'll find that 99% of the time, those two terms go hand in hand and are always on the same level as say...murder.

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  • KissAFish

    Ahhh the pure BLISS of being a worldy EX RUB A DUB...LOL ...

  • b_ster


    Is it okay now for JWs to chat with other JWs on the internet? I thought the all-great
    society said that is bad association?

  • Make the truth yr own
    Make the truth yr own

    I am sorry to hear if this practice, between MARRIED people are wrong. You say your husband is an unbeliever I hope he does not go else where for it. The Bible says if it is a Stumbing block thru it away.

    Bless up

  • Scully
    I am sorry to hear if this practice between MARRIED people are wrong.

    So are you saying that between unmarried people, it's not wrong?

  • Uzzah

    I say oral sex is fine fact ... damned fine.

    But why resurrect a 4 year old thread to declare it ... <shrug> ya got me.


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