Goodbye for now!

by Ephanyminitas 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • SPAZnik

    Ephanyminitas bu-bye

    sunspot thx for that posting...due to many years of onetrack thinking...the "a" word has remained one that makes me cringe. but your logic is great and helps me deprogram a little more. thx!!!


  • unclebruce

    ***Struth, mate, you didn't even give me time to say G'day!***

    Stone the freak'n crows and serve 'em up fer breaky! Who the blue blazers talks like that anymore? (not Stephanus apparently lol)

    cheers to you and the little woman ozzie .. catch ya again before santa jingles his bells. "May ya crops be bigger than the hail" (<-- old australian saying i just made up .. well it's just as good as that "light a candle and cuss the darkies" thingy you're famouse for.


  • Beck_Melbourne


    The time will come when you will be free to think for yourself and act accordingly. My mother said something similar, no thats a lie... she didn't actually say anything at all...she just put my clothes and personal belongings into garbage bags and left them outside to be collected by the council garbage collectors. Nice!!

    You hang in there...and we'll all catch up with you again soon.


  • Simon

    Sorry to hear that Ephanyminitas

    Hope things work out ok.

    Of course you may have us confused with another group - we're the A-postate team, nothing to do with apostates (the hyphen is important) so there is no real reason for them to stop you posting here, lol (hey, it *could* work couldn't it??)

    Of course their is always clearing out your browser cache and history ...

  • unclebruce

    Well Epiwhat'sit,

    I can't help but wonder what kind of world it is when young'uns use unpronouncable screen names and big words like 'hiatus' ..mmm 15 going on 63 me thinks.

    goodbye for unclebruce! a post hate .. left all hates back at the Kingdumb Hall

    PS: When I asked our JW stalwart Bathory if having an apostate live under his roof hurt like buggery he replied "aw buggery don't hurt so bad unc"

  • Ephanyminitas

    Okay -- one last post. Thanks to everyone for your support. Yeah, it sucks. I'm 24 years old, but I'm a student and I've got nowhere else to go, except (I hope) to a college dorm soon. I'm going to play it straight for the time being. Thanks again, folks!

  • Angharad

    Bye Ephanyminitas

    Come back and say hi when you can. Good luck.

  • unclebruce

    Wow Ephanyminitas you're for real,

    sorry about my half baked inferences and ignorant know you nots. Goodlu..fortune. you've no where to go but up .. when i was 24 i was married with one and a half kids and clueless as a catholic.

    best wishes, unclebruce

  • TheStar

    Sorry to hear you're having a hard time with your parents.

    We'll be on the look out for you return.

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