How can a "God, who Cannot Lie" (Titus 1:2) justify DESTRUCTION?

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  • fedup

    I was raised as a jw, most of my family is still in, I regular pioneered for 5 years, elder for even longer. preached for over 40 years that the 1914 generation will see the end, etc, etc... Believed every single word, and preached it with total conviction.

    I have not been active for approx 7 years, completely faded now, mainly because I couldn't believe a loving God would destroy me, after coming to terms with and admiting I was preaching a LIE.

    I'm extremely happy I'm out, although still hitched to it somehow by my past, I guess like many of us on here.

    I do have a question for all JWs.

    How can "God, who cannot lie" a GOD which IS Love, justify destroying the world, including all of us that left, and saving only the JWs, when for decades one of the main teachings of the JWs has proved to be a LIE?

    A teaching no one wants to discuss anymore, which got covered up by a new light, which most can't even explain. Some still think that the teaching has never been updated. They haven't realized yet that the 1914 generation are all DEAD.

    Wouldn't destroying the "world" according to JWs, be against everything a moral, righteous and loving "God, who cannot lie" do?

  • Tater-T

    It's all made up !! all of it ...the sooner you come to terms with it .. there is no GOD ..

    Why did jesus have to suffer so brutally to give his life..

    why can't god just make all the bad people disapear..... why the brutal tragic death scenes of the big A.. how does that make the new system more righteous.

    IT's FEAR instalation.. get it ..

  • Emma

    the "god" of the bible doesn't have to justify anything. By example, neither does the wts. Just my thoughts.

  • Giordano

    I have had sort of the same experience. I got out after I came to the conclusion that Armageddon made no sense. That the bible was corrupted by it's contributors and need not be followed. That the blood issue was as murderous as Jonestown and as wrong.

    That if there is a god he is doing nothing about human suffering or can't do anything about it or doesn't really give a good crap.

    My Wife and I left well before the 1975 BS and during the Vietnam war when the draft was in force. We wanted out that badly.

  • notsurewheretogo

    @fedup you are right...which means the WT is not the channel of God...which mwans there is no channel of God today...which means there is no God....

    Enjoy your life!

  • Larsinger58

    FEDUP: A teaching no one wants to discuss anymore, which got covered up by a new light, which most can't even explain. Some still think that the teaching has never been updated. They haven't realized yet that the 1914 generation are all DEAD.

    LARS: Good questions. But just to be brief about it, part of the problem is JWs not having the correct understanding.

    The "end" that is mentioned in Matthew is a reference to the end of the current system of things the Jews were living under, which was under gentile control. So the "end" is not a reference to Armageddon but the end of gentile rule over the Jews, the end of the gentile times. So in reference to the 1914 generation, which is 80 years from 1914 to 1994, the "end" took place on November 30, 1947, when the UN's "Partition Agreement" went into effect, officially ending Jewish exile.

    So key to a lot of hard questions is actually having the correct understanding.

    Likewise the "great tribulation" which is over even before the messiah arrives (i.e. "Immediately after the tribulation of those days...the sign of the son of man will appear...") is also not a reference to Armageddon, but to the Holocaust.

    Now the quick answer as far as only JWs surviving Armageddon, note that the WTS is the "evil slave" in prophecy. Note that the WTS, if they are God's public temple, made up of the public "anointed ones" then it of that religion will rise the "man of lawlessness" who rises up in God's own house. Having noted that, if the WTS makes up the "evil slave" organization, then who are the other "ten" slaves sent out? Further, if the faithful anointed of the WTS make up the "little flock," then who are the "other sheep" being gathered. Clearly, Christ gathers in more than one place and has more than one slave out there. This is ignored by JWs. So, in fact, the WTS is just one place where Christ gathers some of his elect.

    Another thing to realize is that the 144,000 represent only 1/10th of the entire bride of Christ, the heavenly class. (Isa 6:13) The WTS, as noted, only produces the "little flock." They are the organization represented by the ten virgins, 5 of which don't qualify to get into the kingdom because they are not paying attention. The entire heavenly class is thus 1,440,000!

    So in reality, if you don't feel like such an evil person, then probably neither does God and there is no reason why he wouldn't accept you.

    Leaving the "broad road" means leaving the WTS, but also creating a personal relationship with God. That is what the narrow and cramped road is about. It's single file. It's not a large organization. It's not following some charismatic leader who has made himself a God and savior to all who follow them, but who know nothing more than reading the Watchtower while their Bible's collect dust.

    So don't give up on God. Armageddon survivors will likely mimic the Holocaust (Zech 13:8):

    ZECH 13:8 “And it must occur in all the land,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “[that] two parts in it are what will be cut off [and] expire; and as for the third [part], it will be left remaining in it. 9 And I shall certainly bring the third [part] through the fire; and I shall actually refine them as in the refining of silver, and examine them as in the examining of gold. It, for its part, will call upon my name, and I, for my part, will answer it. I will say, ‘It is my people,’ and it, in its turn, will say, ‘Jehovah is my God.’”

    Based on the above, it would appear that one-third of today's population will actually survive Armageddon, with a high failure rate among JWs.

    So perfectly understandable if you have issues with God based on the WTS' concept. But God gets a bad rap that way. If you go directly to the Bible and keep seeking understanding, then you will see God has your very best interests at heart and wants you to have eternal life.

    So I would hope, someone who is apparently sincere like yourself, will seek understanding and learn that you don't need the WTS to have a personal relationship with Jehovah and that it is very important to separate all the false ideas of the WTS from those in the Bible.

    Now, as far as 1914 goes, it is a good Biblical date for beginning the "last generation" of 80 years from 1914-1994. Within that generation would come the "end of the gentile times" (1947) as well as the 2nd coming in 1992. It is not a correct date for 2520 years from the fall of Jerusalem, however, since the true date for that event is 529 BCE and not 607 BCE. So it turns out getting to the "truth" is a difficult thing because after getting past WTS lies, you have to deal with secular lies sometimes. Anyway, based on 529 BCE the 2nd coming occurs not in 1914, but in 1992. Also, as noted, 1914 is not the date for the "end of the gentile times" but 1947 is.

    So the Bible remains true, though the WTS has become the "false prophet." Jehovah understands it is very difficult to get past deception and false propaganda. But if you are HONEST, then when you see the light, it will make sense. When something doesn't quite add up or make sense, then keep trying to figure it out and many times you will find the answer.

    So don't fret. Jehovah is not going to destroy anybody who is righteous. But you have a responsibility to keep seeking truth directly from the Bible.

    But the best thing you have going for you is that you're being HONEST! You were right to dump the WTS, but don't give up on the Bible!

  • Larsinger58

    Basically, per my understanding, one third of today's population will be chosen to survive Armageddon and live to enjoy the millennium under Christ's rule. Two thirds will miss out on the millennium. One third will die at Armageddon, the other third will survive Armageddon but then die of old age.

    Then after the millennium, Satan will be let loose a short while to test the current population who lived under christ's rule. Whoever joined Satan in his rebellion, which will be many, will be destroyed along with Satan in the lake of fire. Then after that, JUDGMENT DAY takes place. Those surviving Satan's last test will be judged and will get eternal life. These are called the "dead, the great and the small." Then after that, everyone who has ever died, both righteous and unrighteous will come back during the 2nd resurrection. God righteous, some of whom are already written in the book of life, will get eternal life. The wicked will undergo death in Gehenna, the "second [and final] death." Likely, similar to the ratio of rebel angels in heaven, though, this might only represent one-third of all of manking. That means two-thirds of everyone who lived will end up getting eternal life on the earth.

    During the millennium, Christ himself along with 1,440,000 others (the 144K are from the natural Jews, only 1/10th of the whole -- Isa. 6:13) will be in the flesh and on the earth. But after Judgment Day, that is, after all their work is done to save others, then the 1,440,000 and Christ will become heavenly creatures.

    That's the basic plan. So in reality, God is not going to destroy anybody truly righteous. One third would likely never have been "happy campers" anyway and so they choose death over eternal life under God's rule.

    Why would God destroy a lot of descent people? It doesn't make sense.

  • AMO

    Hi fedup

    I started a thread a while ago that god comited a great evil by his own admition and if he decides to destroy the world again would also be a lier. Genesis 8:21-22.


  • andrekish


    Maybe we've all got lost in the confusion that men create by us all having different ideas & opinions. And maybe some folk want to fight over them.

    For example a generation that doesn't pass away could perhaps refer to longevity caused by modern medicines. This is just a simple daft idea among the mass of ideas in the madcap brains of 7 billion humans, not any statement of fact.

    But imagine what would happen if one country created a pill that enabled people to live for a thousand years. Based on today's standards those without money would be left to rot, just as theyare now, & that would be a prime reason for war since we humans do seem to love a good fight.

    This is only one possible interpretation of some of the scriptures & is probably wrong, but who actually knows that it is wrong? Once we start taking the words and ideas so seriously that we fight over them we prove ourselves unworthy of any future life on this planet.

    Once we humans start playing with explosives & creating stars on the surface of this planet at the same time as thinking our brother humans from that bit of land over there are less than human it isn't actually the creator who is causing the destruction, it's us lot.

    One more thought in the mix....given that no energy can ever be wasted only transformed and the same applies more or less to physical matter this isn't actually destruction. Destruction is a human perpective. We could just as easily say God allows the re-arrangement of matter. That's a far nicer way of looking at it.

    Larsinger - you are spot on in your analysis. Not everyone will want to live forever. Not everyone should be allowed to live forever for the sake of those who do want to. Few are good willed enough toward their fellow humans to be able to put up with each other for eternity.

    But, someday in the future this planet will be a paradise. And if you want to find out if there actually is a God or not go and buy yourself a OiuJa board & watch the sparks fly. That isn't an opinion, it is a fact. I do know because I've done it. What happened defied all physical laws.

    I do believe in God now.

  • andrekish

    One additional thought.....It isn't JWs alone who are crazy at times.....we all are.

    But I have to admit after watching them for years from near & far. They can really mess up your head.

    I saw the Mormons do exactly the same. They asked me to collect the weekly tithes (10% please) even from Granny Smith who hasn't got a penny. Being a wonderful warm human being I told the Mormons to go & have a bit of a rethink. Maybe some of the precepts and ideas currently at large among JWs could do with a rethink on the grounds of simple compassion & humanity. But they mean well, they're just a bit at the moment with their heads always stuck in their books. Maybe they could look up from their studies sometimes and actually see the world for themselves rather than through the eyes of a group of men in NY.

    Silly buggers the lot of them.

    Their books say: 'Above all things guard your heart'.

    Their works seem to say 'Do as we say or else you are gonna fry.'

    We humans is a right silly load of idiots aren't we?

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