Were any of you in Brooklyn Bethel in 1996 when KISS performed live under the Brooklyn bridge?

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  • Jesuit Scholar
    Jesuit Scholar

    I was.

    An announcement was made during the noon meal, before the family was dismissed.

    Gerrit Lösch read the announcement from Bethel Office informing the family that such a concert would be heald near, or in between, the buildings of the Brooklyn Bethel Complex and that all in the family should be aware of the nature of the complex. In the announcement, or in an off the cuff addendum Lösch mentioned that K.I.S.S. stood for Knights In Satan's Service. I am not sure, don't really remember, if more was explained, or if the announcement explicity said that no member of the family should be caught attending.

    An explicit cautionary announcement "discouraging" the family from attending an event was, however, made in regards to a Woodstock anniversary concert close to Wallkill.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    BUT, when a certain purple publisher is in town, singing about creamy thighs, there isn't any announcements

  • jws

    I thought all fhose acronym meanings were just made up by Christians to demonize them more. As if they had some hidden agenda beyond image.

    But let's face it, some of those bands played up that image. Gene Simmons used to spit blood on stage and looked like some sort of demonic warrior - if such things really existed and one could imagine it. But what was so demonic about Peter Criss and the cat makeup?

    Angus Young of AC/DC is often pictured with horns and/or a devil's tail. Not to mention a lot of their music like Hell's Bells, Rock and Roll Damnation, Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be, etc., etc.

    Led Zeppelin seemed more sword and sorcery. Hard Rock/Blues meets Lord of the Rings. And in fact, one of their songs (Ramble On) has many Lord of the Rings references in it. Never remember anything overtly satanic in their songs.

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