Apostate views?

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  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    " Do you believe that the governing body is Jehovah's sole appointed channel?"

    Answer yes of course.

    After all we all know that the name of the god of the bible is not Jehovah.
    Jehovah is a name that first occurred in the year 1270, so Jehovah is a made-up name belonging to a man-made religion.

  • stuckinarut2

    good point Driving Force!

  • Richard C B
    Richard C B
    @stuckin... interesting point about motives. Maybe he is looking for a way out to justify himself. hence being not accountable to anyone. That could be the real issue behind it.
  • Richard C B
    Richard C B
    @driving force... not wanting to get off the subject here but what is Gods name then?
  • Crazyguy
    What they did with me is as I was showing my new found understanding with one elder he was trying to figure out my motives. Him and the other elders were trashing my reputation not only in the hall but thought the circuit. In the mean time there was a talk about apostasy and going on the net. They got my wife all busy and had her give a number 3 talk about going on the net. They also said things to my family but not sure what exactly. I think the elders are told to go in lock down mode and destroy the reputation of the individual so as to protect the congregation. Totally opposite of what Jesus supposedly taught. It's a cult.
  • Vanderhoven7

    God's name was systematically hidden (vowels removed) so no one could use God's name in vain. I believe God was behind this removal...because The Father wanted the name of His Son to have the preeminence. The evidence for that is the fact that the personal name of God does not appear even ONCE in the entire New Testament. Yes it has been added to the JW sectarian version of New Testament 232 times....but try to find it in any reputable translation.

    By the way, one does not honour God's name by knowing how it is pronounced correctly or repeating it ad nauseam...but by living a life of faith, service and integrity.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Richard C B,

    "If a brother is starting to look at material on the internet and starts to have serious doubts about the JW organisation and questions the integrity of the governing body. What steps would be taken to by the congregation to readjust his thinking."

    The congregation in the Jehovah's Witnesses has no power; it is the elders that deal with such matters. They are likely to simply form a judicial committee and interrogate the person as to whether he still believes that the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" is Jehovah's organization.

    "And also if the congregation is not aware of this but he has confided in an individual how would that individual try to help such a brother?"

    That individual will snitch on him to the elders. Just confiding anything to an individual will be considered causing "divisions" as the apostle Paul mentioned in Romans 16:17. That could easily be a disfelowshipping issue.

  • kaik
    My mom is in "Truth" for 40 years. She has accumulated a lot of books and publications, which she got bounded and keeps at her library. She was several times attacked by JWs in her organization and even by my sibling that she is keeping apostate literature which causes her to be critical of new doctrine. They even asked her to surrender her library, but I adviced her to donate to university as a specific study on JW doctrine.
  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, it really amazes me how quoting from the Organizations OWN past literature can get someone in trouble!!!!!

    If someone was to raise a past point, or quote a reference that is now "old Light", they will be torn to shreds by a judicial committee for being "divisive or a cause of contention"!

    There will be questions as to WHY this past information is being raised...."Do you believe that the GB is gods sole channel...blah, blah...."


  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    One thing I regret now when it comes to the bOrg's literature, is disposing of much of it a few years ago. My reasoning being that as we now have this information in digital form I no longer need to keep all these books and volumes of Watchtower and Awake. We had them in three languages English, German and French.

    I only regret this because doing my research on the past sayings of the bOrg using their publications is a little hampered because the bOrg have been known to change certain controversial things in the digital versions. I do not know how extensive this editing is.

    One of the most recent examples is their changing of the January Awake on the misquote of Rama Singh.

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