What did you think when you visit the museum as a JW.

by James Mixon 14 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • FayeDunaway

    I think I started questioning witness beliefs on evolution ever since very young, and studying the creation book, and I remember it saying 'all the evidence 'supporting' human evolution could fit into a human casket, and that is exactly where it belongs"' or something very similar. I was like, really? There is enough evidence to fill a casket? That sounded like a lot of evidence to me! You could fit tons of stuff in a casket.

    And then visiting museums. They have not only found dinosaur bones here and there and pieced them together, they have found whole, complete skeletons! And MAN were those canine teeth huge! Those teeth were NOT for chewing plants!! And those claws, what were they for? And the armour?? so yeah, I knew they fit somewhere into the scheme of time, and it was definitely a long, violent scene. Back then it was more of an either/or thing to me. I didn't believe that both could be true. But since letting go of fundamentalism I'm cool with science.

  • DesirousOfChange

    We thought scientists were lying because they were all part of Satan's System.


  • Phizzy
    Some ex-JW's do their own organised Tour of the B.M. I wonder if one time a curious active Dub would maybe tag along and learn some real truth ?
  • maksutov
    What did I think? To my chagrin, I did not think. I let the Watchtower do that for me.
  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    When I was first waking up, I had a chance to go to London for work and had some free time. I recall going to the British Museum and spending a lot of time in the Babylon section as the evidence that Jerusalem was indeed destroyed in 587 sunk in. At that moment, it became clear to me that everything I trusted in terms of religion was wrong. I walked away mentally free from the JWs. Any doubts I had were gone, I knew it wasn't the truth.

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