Watchtower vs. the Roman Catholic Church

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    Aunt Fancy

    Oops! I enjoyed that!

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    The RCC was exposed for fostering and protecting child rapists, got caught doing it, publicy apologized for it and is taking steps to prevent it happening again.

    I know many Catholics and exes that would not agree that their apologies have any value. Money is the motive, publicity is the motive, not taking responsibility.

    And yet people can still ask me seriously - because I was abused by a priest - what I think of Cardinal Law's apology at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross last Sunday. This is what I think: He has apologized, he has not confessed.
    Let's not confuse the two states of being. They are not the same thing and one in fact - apology - usually follows the other; it does not precede it.
    The act of public apology and asking for forgiveness is a subtle thing. It can make the wrongdoer appear in a suddenly humble and sympathetic light, piteous, even somehow noble. It can then make those who were wronged look hard of heart, mean-spirited, and plain nasty, if they do not forgive. "Well, he SAID he was sorry, what more do they want?"
    I can answer that question. They want justice. I want justice. And that is only one of many things the cardinal's apology did not give to us, the victims of his decisions regarding sexually abusive priests.

    This group, SNAP, current experiences shows that the RCC is still uncooperative and not helpful toward the victims of abuse by their organization.

    And currently:

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    Great list you Ol' Sonofagun!!!

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    Farkel, great read. Informative and hilarious as usual.


    The RCC has.. The WBT$ has..

    1 Pope.. 8 Popes..

    .......................... photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

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    And the RRC has those Cool Hats with Matching robes. LoL

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    I can't decide which are more creepy -- the similarities or the differences.

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    Farkel, brilliant as always.

    Outlaw... and true.

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    And if you need more proof from Daniel the 8 GB - 1 Pope from the RC == 7!

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