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  • Brother of the Hawk
    Brother of the Hawk

    XYZ: Something big is probably going on with your Dad too to have made such a turnabout in his thinking on this matter so quickly ..keep an eye on him, I'm seeing red flags.

    Dude, you may have struck a nerve. First of all, you do not know my family or myself. Second of all, if you are going to make a statement such as you did, qualify it!!!!. What do you mean something big? Keep an eye on him? I'm seeing red flags!!!

    Having 40 plus years as a JW, my thinking was as a JW. But I always questioned things, as they related to men's conduct, ie: Elders. When I was appointed as a MS, within 2 weeks or so an elder involved me in a lie to try to get another elder removed. This story is posted already. I do realize not every post is read, Hell, no one has time for that. To make this story short, in my JW career, I have no less than 3 times written the society complaining about Elders conduct, CO's conduct, and how when these men lie, it does disqualify them from serving. So I have pushed the envelope so to speak. As Gojira stated about 10 years ago I did get my ear pierced. Guess what, I DID NOT consult with any elder regarding this. I did read what the WT mags said about this, Guess what? It's a conscience matter!!! Same as a tattoo. The qualifying statement is this, If it is culturely accepted, then it is a conscience matter. Guess what?? tattoos are culturely accepted. Although some are not in good taste, by my standards, some are exisite. In fact I have personally stopped people on the street and ask to look at their tattoo. I am an artist in my own right, and I do admire this type of art work. And perhaps some day I might get one myself. My objection with Gojira at the time of the discussion of her getting a tatoo was this. Three days prior, the local news media ran a story, stating that local tattoo parlors were again getting dirty. Not properly sterilizing needles and even having tainted ink. CAUTION< CAUTION< CAUTION< I cannot say at first my thinking did not revert back to prior JW thinking, it did, and Gojira recognized this, she also stated she did not see that news story. So she did extensive research and sought out a reputable tattoo parlor. My daughter has always listened to my thoughts on matters and has taken them to heart, but having her own conscience, I have also let her exercise it. Besides she is a married adult and has her own head, but she still respects my opinions. And I hers.

    Now, as far as rebellion is concerned. It's a broad statement. She is not rebelling morally as some would think. Her tattoo and my ear piercing is a act of rebelling against the mind controll cult, that call itself Jehovah's witnesses. Thus one reason why I could not reach out any further than MS. I always did my own thinking, and called to account men who sidestepped the authority of the BIBLE!!. If you have also read any of my comments or threads I try to remember to end with this statement. (I will surrender my mind no more, forever). As long as we fear getting outted, by friends or family, the cult that calls itself Jehovahs Witnesses, still controls our minds. I too still have family that are very much active in this religion. That is a price we all must pay sooner or later.

    The big thing going on in my life is this. One confirmed LIE can and will change your entire outlook on life especially as it relates to your GOD given conscience!!!!!! So yes there is something BIG going on in my life its called FREEDOM!!! I can, and so can Gojira, think for ourselves without any cult controlling what we do and think!!!! Even the freedom to change it as it suits me!!!!! As long as it hurts no one.

    So when you see the word rebellion, don't be so quick to think the worst. Rebellion, as in this case is mental rebellion. Not morally.

    Affectionately: Brother of the Hawk ( I will surrender my mind no more, forever)

  • Gojira_101


    Thank you for your concern and I do understand where you are coming from. If you will noticed in my original post I never once used "REBELLION" the reason I put that in my topic heading is to get people to read my post. I've come to realize if there isn't a juicy title, people don't read or comment on my posts. I'm not sure if you misunderstood my original post, but I have wanted a Tattoo since I was 16. I never got a tatto because it was against what Watchtower believed and taught, so like a good little witness I followed Watchtower teachings with regards to tattoo's.

    I have officially been "out" or "inactive" for 6 months. That is when I stopped turning in service time (even though I wasn't going in service I still put down an hour to shut the elders up ). I've been on the fence for years though, I would go regular to meetings for awhile, then would stop and just listen on the phone hook-up, then go back to meetings and service...then about 2 years ago I went to a meeting and nearly passed out because of all the perfume and I have serious reactions to the perfumes and all the chemicals people use when they go to meetings. So that was my last one for almost 2 years. Then my husband and I moved to the city and some of our JW friends told us that their Hall doesn't use any harsh cleaning products and the people don't wear perfume or cosmetic products with chemical..So my husband and I went to 2 meetings and I still got sick and almost passed out. So that was it for me. I said I would never step foot in another Hall again. That was actually a month before I learned TTATT. After that my husband and I would just listen on the phone hook-up until our good friend who recommended their Hall was giving a talk on why 607 is right. I actually became physically sick and almost threw up while listening to his talk. That was the last meeting I listened to.

    So yes it has only been officially 6 months out for me, but I really "checked out" of being a JW years ago when I became more sick from chemicals and I didn't see the so-called love that is supposed to be there and my so-called friends started to ignore me, like what happened to me after I said enough the last time I went to the Hall. My good friends haven't talked to me since.

    Yes there was "rebellion" with me getting a tattoo, but it was rebellion against Watchtower because they no longer have any control over me to tell me what to do. Really because I got a tattoo, I did go against watchtower did I not? I broke one of their commandments, did I not? To be honest since I was a born-in, my whole life I have been repressing my true self because things I liked or enjoyed are things Watchtower said are evil, and I don't mean drugs or anything like that. I mean movies, music, video games, hobby's...etc. This summer I will turn 30, and it will be the first time to celebrate my birthday, something I have always wanted to do, but couldn't because it was against Watchtower commandments, so because I am celebrating my birthday does that make me a rebel? I will celebrate my parents and husband's birthdays this year, does that make me a rebel? I will give my mom and dad gifts on mother's and father's day, does that make me rebellious?

    I have never used drugs or smoked, and I still refuse to, so just because I'm "rebellious" against Watchtower, there are still some things I refuse to do. But my "rebelliousness" against Watchtower is the fact they are no longer controlling my life. Since my husband and I have left, we are finally enjoying having non-JW friends, we are doing things we have never done before like just hanging out with non-JW friends.

    I know you posted on this thread but read it again..., nothing has changed accept for me getting a tattoo.

    And maybe I will regret getting it when I get older, but at least I will have something else to regret other than the fact I wasted the first 30 yrs of my life being in Watchtower.

    I do really appreciate your comment and I know you mean no harm and actually it warms my heart that someone who doesn't even know me cares...I sent you a PM

    My dad (brother of the hawk) has already replied to your concerns about him...I haven't read it yet.



  • Gojira_101

    Finally awake:

    Thank you! And the pain isn't that bad at all. I was freaking out a little the night before, but then I watched a video on Youtube and seen how they actually tattoo and it's not what you think at all. My mom has always felt the same way as you, she wanted one but is afraid of the pain, after she saw one of the video's I sent her she said "oh, it's not that bad at all, I actually thought the guy was drawing on her with a marker. It took me a minute to realize it was the actual tattoo"

    It's not as bad as you think it is :)


  • exwhyzee

    Hi Gogira,

    I was basing my comment on the short amount of information I read in the opening post . (Didn't realize Dad was a member here) You're right, I don't know you and shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. Then again, this is a discussion board and I was only sharing my thoughts on the topic and that's all they thoughts. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was condemning you or judging you for having gotten a tattoo.

    Based on the limited amount of information in the opening post, and based on what I've seen some people do when they first leave the Org. when I read the words" Rebellion" and "Tattoo" and "Crying" and "Almost had a heart attack when Dad said he was getting a Tattoo", my first inclination was to stick my neck out and voice my concerns. I saw all the "good for you" comments and wondered if I was the only one who was concerned that you might heading in a direction you might regret. I thought I'd take the chance and give an opposing opinion even if it meant I'd get people mad at me . I thought it might be improtant that you to hear another point of view in case it got you to think about things from another angle (in case you hadn't already) before you got more tattoos or made any big decisions.

    No judging, no preaching...just voicing my opinion. (half baked as it might be)

  • ballistic

    Not keen - sorry I just don't like them.

  • Gojira_101

    exwhyzee: No worries my friend. I wasn't offended or mad I promise!!!! It is hard to read people's emotions on a forum where you can't see body language or see the emotion. You can't really get to know a person's personality. I will tell you the one thing that I will always regret is the fact my husband and I listened to Watchtower regarding having kids in this system...and now we can never have our own children. I will always regret that more than getting a tattoo. I just wanted to share that with you.

    Edited to add: My dad, mom (Newly Enlightened) and hubby (TheDarksideHasCalledMe) are all on here now. The four of us left together.

    Ballistic: No worries, it's not on you and they aren't for everyone.

  • Scully

    I love my tattoo. I can still remember how excited I was when I decided on my design and planning it out with the artist.

    Of course, I got some disapproving remarks when my JW parents saw it... I had anticipated the reaction and was able to smile sweetly and say, "Well, I'm forty-(something) years old and as I recall, I don't need your permission and didn't ask for it!"

    Besides, they didn't ask their kids' permission to join a stupid cult 40 years ago that would ruin the family.

  • Brother of the Hawk
    Brother of the Hawk

    XYZ. Thank you for your concern. I do apolagize if I came off a little strong. As you may be able to see, when any elder expressed his consern, I was quite able to handle myself, thus one of the reasons I could not get appointed as a elder, I have always been my own thinker and never let anyone tell me how I should view things if they were not in harmony with the bible.

    Peace to you my friend, no hurt feeling here, again I do apolagize for coming off strong.

    Affectionately: Brother of the Hawk (I will surrender my mind no more, forever)

  • Stubborn Disbeliever
    Stubborn Disbeliever

    I love it! So glad you got one. We definitely need to get matching sister ink...or a replica of our BFF necklaces growing up! :) So glad you are FREEEEEE!

  • Gojira_101

    Scully: I'd love to see it. You can PM me a picture. Or if you want to post it on this thread go right ahead :)It's amazing how parents sometimes still think they have control over their grown children...good for you!!!!

    Stubborn disbeliever: You can remember what those necklaces looked like? Dang that was like what 20 years ago?

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