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  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Hey Gojira- nice ink!!

    Ever notice how TaTToo looks a lot like....

    TTaTT ? Coincidence? I think not!

    Congratulations on changing your dad's thinking. If he gets a tattoo, I wonder what'll be next? An earring? lol.

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  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    Good for you! My husband jokes that he is going to do one that is a picture of a watchtower with a line through it!

  • whathappened

    You have a great family and it sounds like you are in full recovery. It is easier when the whole family leaves, wish everyone could have as easy a transition as your family.

  • sooner7nc

    Good for you! Freedom's delicious isn't it?

  • Scott77

    Hi Gojira_101,

    Excellent and awesome. Thank for sharing


  • Gojira_101

    @ LisaRose: That is what this tattoo represents, freedom from WT, that is why I was crying last night because I finally feel free. There is no way I'm ever going back, even if it means I get my family back.

    @ ADCMS: Nice catch, I never realized TaTToo was so close to TTATT, guess it was meant to be, huh? And actually my dad had his ear pierced about 10 years ago when he was still an uber duber J-dud. Still not sure what he was thinking, but he never got df'ed for it. LOL. It's funny because I had a fader friend say they were surprised I got such a large tattoo. I say if I'm going to go through it, why not get a big one :)

    @Aunt Fancy: That would be awesome to get, but just remember the tattoo will be on forever, so no Plus I don't know, having anything tattooed on resembling WT makes me feel icky all over. LOL.

    @whathappened: Who said it was easy? It certainly hasn't been easy. my grandma I was very close to won't talk to me at all and I've lost everyone but my parents and husband...I just choose to not let it bother me anymore because I need to move on with my life and now I'm glad it happened the way it did because they forced me out of WT and I don't have to deal with the heartache and torture of trying to still stay in so I don't lose them. This was all their doing. I know I sound brave now, but it is still hard, trust me!!! Weekends are the worst because that is when I would talk to my grandma.

    @ sooner7c: Yes freedom is awesome, but the alternative (going back) is hell on earth.

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  • exwhyzee

    Well you certainly showed them didn't you? (Whomever "they" are) LOL!

    Seriously though, you've only been out for 4 months...did I get that right? If so, I'd really wait before making any more permanent or big decisions...more tattoos,marriage,moving, job change etc. You probably don't think so, and won't realize it for some time yet, but you could be in one of the stages of mourning one is said to go through when a great change or upheaval (wanted or unwanted) happens in ones life. This could also explain the unexpected tears you experienced the other day. Something big is probably going on with your Dad too to have made such a turnabout in his thinking on this matter so quickly ..keep an eye on him, I'm seeing red flags. I'd hate to think of your lifes being permanently effected, yet again, because of your bad experience with the Watchtower. This act of rebellion sounds awfully like what a teenage girl might do to get back at her overly strict parents only to realize later they were only trying to protect her. Or the newly divorced woman who chops off her hair and takes up smoking just to get back at her ex only to realize she is the one being punished...again.You can get another tattoo any old time so why not wait a bit just in case? I know I won't be popular for saying so but I really really feel sure that there will be a wave of folks in the next decade who deeply regret having been caught up in the tail end of the current tattoo phase we've been seeing. Maybe I'm wrong(hope so) but in your case If getting a tattoo is an act of rebellion as you said, I'm guessing you might have regrets once you've come to grips with the life change you've recently been through. It doesn't seem like rebellion is a healthy motive for getting a tattoo.

    Just my two cents...don't mean to be harsh,I just am a little concerned for you. Hopefully It's just the Dad in me,over reacting (again)

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    that's a pretty tattoo! I'm not likely to ever get one myself, due to being afraid of the pain involved, cause I'm a big chicken.

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