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    as former President Thomas Jefferson believed: "The acquisition of Canada this year, as far as the neighborhood of Quebec, will be a mere matter of marching, and will give us the experience for the attack on Halifax, the next and final expulsion of England from the American continent."'

    Mwah haha, that plan didn't go far ... and they are STILL trying to assimilate us in order to suck up our natural resources ... but you can pry my Canadian citizenship from my COLD DEAD HANDS before you will take it away from me! and Charlton Heston be damned!



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    It was a bunch of americans separating from america by moving north, the geographic cure;) Then, when the rescue team came to retrieve them, they bravely fought them off;) Kind of like that proverbial irish guy who accidentally fell into the brew vat. When they tried to pull him out, he resisted;)


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    Band on the Run

    I am not going to click on the link. Explanatory sentences are nice to read. How did secession work for the South? No way in a hundred billion years. Frankly, the federal government's role has expanded greatly since the New Deal. We won't need US soldiers this time. All we have to do is to cut funding to you.

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