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  • MavMan

    It is a fact that the END is coming.

    Whether it's the end of your natural life or the end of this world, one thing is for certain, the end is near.

  • voltaire

    Hey...according to Rutherford the came along time ago. (BTW thank you for pointing out my inmortality. I appreciate that.)

  • Celia

    Of course the end is coming MavMan...
    Some people's end come sooner than others...
    It's been this way for millions of years : you are born, you live, you die...
    No big deal, this is life !

  • Elsewhere

    What? You just figured this out?

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
    <x ><

  • jolly_green_giant

    from the second you are born, you're already dying... and for every end there is a new beginning.

  • messenger

    I didn't even know the "end" masturbated....

  • logical

    MavMan, go and read Luke 21:8 and Revelation 3:18

  • SYN

    Messenger: LOL! Neither did I! And it's Master Bate to you, young, er, man! (Hopefully...)

    Everyone is just dying at different speeds, is all. Dubs believe that at some unknowable-yet-constantly-prophesied-by-their-Society point in the future, 99.98% of us will die at the same time! The undertakers will have a busy week, I'm sure!

    I'm sure glad we don't vote anymore like we did before we got the truth. Now we get to complain about everything ALL the politicians do!
    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate, Africa

  • rhett

    So what? Are we supposed to want to go running bact the JW's because of it? Jeez, if the end is coming I think I'd rather live out the rest of my days (limited as they may be) doing something I enjoy instead of hanging out with those jerks. Hey, even it is coming, that just means I won't have to deal with them anymore which is fine with me. Even if I did think they were right (which they haven't been so far so I doubt they will be anytime soon) I'd rather live a limited amount time happy without them than spen an eternity with those assholes.

    Back down the bullies to the back of the bus
    Its time for them to be scared of us

  • Elsewhere

    OMG!!!! [Panic Attack]

    I need to run back to the loving bOrg and allow them to tell me what to think again!


    Join us or DIE!!!!!!!!! Muahahahahaha!

    BTW, to avoid any confusion, our official stance is that everyone is free to think what they want - so long as it is in line with the teachings of the bOrg. If you do not think in line with the bOrg, then you will be DFed for apostasy and all of your friends and family will no longer have anything to do with you. Yes, we truly are the Happiest and most loving people on earth! Smile with me!

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
    <x ><

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