U.S. Chronic Pain Patients -- No More Pain Meds

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  • LisaRose

    Thats funny, because I saw something years ago about the UK and use of heroin for terminal cancer patients, something that is not allowed here. It is apparently effective when other opiates are not, which gives the patients a much better quality of life in their remaining time. A few times patients will recover, and they are able to stop taking the heroin with no problem.

    It is the overuse of opiates to get high that causes addiction, the vast majority of people who use it responsibly and only for pain relief do not have problems. I was afraid of it at first, but my pain was incredible. I found the dosage that works, a long acting 12 hour version that allows me to keep to a fairly low dose, as the pain is better controlled than with a four hour version. This has allowed me to live a fairly normal life. I am still seeking a permanent solution to my problem, and I do hope to lick this thing, but I am grateful I don't have to live in pain. Those who think pain meds are unnecessary are not well informed, trying to live with severe, constant pain is impossible.

    Imagine having someone kick you repeatedly in the bladder every five minutes, then try to imagine going about your day, going to work and living your life with that going on. It's impossible, you would be able to think of nothing else but your pain and how to stop it. That is my life without pain meds.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I have never had chronic pain, but the two occasions when I have had serious pain were truly miserable. Once I was able to get relief from chiropractic treatments - that was post epidural/childbirth pain. The other was a dry socket after having 4 wisdom teeth cut out - the only relief for that pain was Lortab. I was very grateful to have access to a drug that worked. I can only imagine the hell a person with chronic uncontrolled pain endures.

  • talesin

    Well, if you live in Canada and have no private health insurance, you pay CASH for your pain meds. So why the big expose of the US problem?

    Having an aversion to using Rx drugs because of the severe side affects has cost me .. because I was not begging for pain meds, the doctors didn't believe I had torn tissue in my foot, and I am paying the price. Doctors are the new drug pushers, and if you don't fit into their slot, watch out!

    Pain meds are there for those who NEED them, and are not a quick fix for any trauma or illness that can be dealt with sans prescription drugs.

    Please NOTE that I acknowledge that some people with chronic and severe pain need meds.



  • talesin

    Three year wait to get in to a pain clinic? That's a kind of abuse.

    jgnat, I am into month 16, waiting to get into the pain clinic here. They tell me it will be at LEAST 2 years. Oh, and I still have no diagnosis for my foot injury.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I read something sobering about pain management. A decent study revealed that only a small percentage felt their pain situation improved greatly (I thank God that I did not have that experience) but could cope better with the pain b/c a very high percentage felt that the pain specialists had tried to their utmost. A lot of my emotional pain was caused by body language and strange looks. The pain mds treated me as though pain was terrible. They respected me. It was priceless.

    I saw so many mds for years. Regular mds are easily intimidated by pain. They are not trained to deal with it. Pain specialists show no deference to pain. It is their enemy. What a difference.

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