There are no non-annointed Christians (Great crowd)

by Hortenzie 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • prologos

    heathen: woman should be exempt from door2door work, but in heaven there are no genders. wait and see.

    There are 4 groups in the context of the Great Crowd, Rev.7:

    The Angels your pick.

    The 12 tribes in general all worshippers since Jacob/Moses

    the 144 000 OUT OF the 12 tribes and that are to be executed and rule closely to Christ

    The great crowd. Those anointed/christian worshippers that make an appearance in the shambles that the Great tribulation left

    The time period in Re.7 covered is from pentecost 33 to the overlappin generation end.

    wt has confused anointed with SEALED.

  • heathen

    prologos - I do agree women are not responsible for anything associated with the preaching work , the heavenly reward is for those that conquer the world by declaring the good news , the plight of an LF is a difficult one , they have to sell all their belongings ,if one can remain single it's easier to acheive the reward because being married only divides ones interests . I know the WTBTS says women are included but personally with all the restrictions put on them by the apostle paul doesn't seem likely at all . The way I interpret the part in revelation where it says they do not defile themselves with women it means they give up sexual apetite making themselves eunich as jesus said earlier to the deciples , many would make themselve eunich on account of the kingdom , it goes back to the angels rebelling and marrying women in noahs day . The angels are always mentioned in a masculine sense , when the take on human form they are men , in the bible ...

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