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  • mouthy

    Welcome L3g. Happy you could join us.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Welcome glad to have you here with us on this forum

  • LisaRose

    Welcome, glad you are here. I always imagine the first post is the hardest, even if you are still in the organization, you know you cannot go back, and you are on the path to freedom, however long that may take. There will always be people here when you are ready to share more of your story.


  • imfreeimfree

    If the supposed break-up of the Jackson romance is the reason you are here, you might be conflicted to know that it is not true.

    They are married.

  • Stubborn Disbeliever
    Stubborn Disbeliever

    Welcome L3G! I'm new as of this week, but this is just a great site to be able to be honest! A nice change :)

  • Bella15


  • whathappened

    Welcome to our group.

  • Emma

    It doesn't seem like the break up is the point to our new member, but the fact that the org has admitted to having various degrees of "badness."


  • punkofnice

    Welcome L3G

    Theocratic Warfare Strategy = ***w07 2/1 p.6***

    Every lie is an untruth, but not every untruth is a lie. Why not? A dictionary defines a lie as “an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker to be untrue with intent to deceive.” Yes, lying includes the intention to deceive someone. Hence, to speak an untruth unwittingly—such as giving someone incorrect facts or figures by mistake—is not the same as to tell a lie.

    Moreover, we need to consider whether the person asking for information is entitled to a comprehensive answer. For instance, suppose Manfred had been asked the same questions by an executive of another company. Would Manfred have been obliged to tell him everything? Not really. Since that executive had no right to such information, Manfred would have had no obligation to provide it. Of course, even in this case, it would have been wrong for him to tell a lie.

  • snare&racket


    Well now you have a valve and a mechanism to let off steam at least ..........................

    Maybe one day you will be free, it is all up to you, you have made the bravest and hardest step, facing reality and choosing truth over comfort.

    Things get better, this is probably going to be the worst time in your 'spiritual' and adult life. Embrace that reality and stay strong, it isn't forever.

    As for being an 'apostate'..... don't play their game. Kim Jong Un has children reporting their parents to the state as 'disloyal' and 'traitors' for such acts as attempting to escape work camps. The fear, hatred, and emotions tied to being a traitor in North Korea are very real, stronger than the bond of a child and parent at times, but in realit it is make belief, and the second one leaves North Korea, the folly of it all becomes evident.

    So too it the case with JW's. It is their 'bogey man' word for anyone that DARES to ask questions, be honest about doubts or is evil enough to seek out information from sourcs they do not approve. I can't convey how ridiculous this all sounds now! There are children (non JW) smart enough to recognise how silly that is, how dangerous it is and how invisible the term 'apostate' is.

    I guess the big questions are..... do you stop playing their game? Will you carry on playing just because your family want tp play? Would it be a brave and trong act to be the first in your family to say 'enough!'? Is it morally and ethically imperitive to stop playing their games even if your family refuse to ever do so and cut you off? How much longer can you pretend?

    I have left it all behind, I still have my family and I have a relationship with them. I simply state my right to have a differing opinion and ask them to prove my concerns/facts/evidence's wrong or in any way apostate.... of course they can't.

    It is a very difficult situation, but I have my own life, I am very free and it is a fantastic feeling. Life is short, those years tick by. Dont waste your one life living it for someone else ;) Also many people too adraid to leave will tell you it's ok to stay and some will even promote staying. I think you are intelligent enough to examine peoples motives for such comments.

    Anyway, well done and again...... welcome bro !

    Snare x

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