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  • paradisebeauty

    Having recently had an "awakening" - not from reading awake ...

    I realize I can not preach doctrines I do not believe anymore

    But I do not want the elders to start following my every move, because I also have plans to check other christian denominations.

    So I am thinking, should I chat for an hour or two with an old visit and report the hours, should I tell the elders I have some doubts and I do not want to preach for now or should I just stop reporting and avoid the elders attempts to talk to me?

    What do you think is the best sollution to get away with this? In a "smoothly" way ...

    And if there are people with responsibility here, is becoming inactive very alarming to them?

    Thank you for the input

  • truthseeker100
    Paradise I don't see anything wrong with having a chat with an old return visit and counting the time.
  • FayeDunaway
    Paradise, you don't have family or close friends in. Why don't you just rip off the bandaid?
  • Alive!

    Do what your true, pure conscience tells you at the time.

    Me, I actually only ever reported "honest hours" throughout my life with the organisation.

    When I knew it was rubbish, I stopped.

    Feel better for it.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Somebody elsewhere suggested that a person with a crisis of conscience should volunteer for cart duty. They don't interact with the public just standing there talking to each other.

    The rest depends on whether or not you have family still in. A slow fade is the common suggestion but everyone has different circumstances.

  • sowhatnow

    ok, heres what to do. on every other Sunday after the meeting, then every third Sunday a month, then once a month, then every 5 sundays, ect till you dont go out anymore.

    'meet' for service, tell the lead out that your doing returns on the way home, and go home. report one hour a month.

    you can do the same with meetings. phase out.

    if anyone said to me 'oh you missed a good talk"

    Id say , 'oh i listened in on the phone tie in'

    who knows if i did or not? i did that a lot in winter, i do not drive in winter at night.

    the more excuses you make the less people tend to bother with you, because your 'an excuse maker' and not worth their time.

    for about a year or two, i left fairly quickly after the meeting, maybe saying hello to one or two people on my way out.

    nothing. Im not missed

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    Just lie about your hours. Turn in 3 or 4 hrs just to keep them off you back until you can fade. If they question you, tell them you haven't been feeling well. Which is true, you haven't been feeling well since you don't believe in their doctrines.

    They have lied to you all these years and they will continue to lie to you without blinking and eyelid.

    Don't try to play fair because they won't.

  • paradisebeauty

    Faye Dunaway, I do not have family, nor trye friends here (maybe one). But almost all my aquintances are jw's.

    I did all my holidays/travels in the last 5 years with jw's.

    I think I barely know 2 people from outside in the town where I live.

    I am not sure I can go through the emotional torment of being so isolated and shutt off by so many people right now.

    Plus ... I think I want to drop a line now and then about what the Bible really says about some issues. I need time to study (the Bible this time, not the publications) and to be clear myself on some doctrines.

    Right now I am clear that partaking at commemoration is not just for a class of people, they have a sort of hidden doctrine that they do not speak in very many publications (I found just 2 quotes by now) but this false doctrine is reflected in the fact that only annointed ones are partaking at comemoration: they say that Jesus is not the mediator between God and all humankind but only between God and the anointed ones!!!

    If someone have told me this while I studied I would not have joined the organization.

    anointed in greek is "christos" so they pretend to be "christos" and mediators between Jesus and other people ...

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    The trolley work is great for not having to actually preach to anyone, it's an easy hour!

    Reporting time is just nonsense anyway, there's no scriptural requirement, I just put an hour or two in whether I've done more than that or less.

  • stuckinarut2

    Just make it up!

    It is all about appearances anyway!

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