What is the role of the rest of the Anointed,please ?

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  • Phizzy

    I am a little confused, I have to admit it is laziness/nausea, I cannot make myself read the latest rag that spews out the New Shite, but my question is, what is the future role of the rest of the anointed ?

    If the FDS, which now consists of a handful of men, is going to be "appointed over all Jesus' belongings" are the rest of the anointed not only redundant now, but into eternity too ?

  • Bobcat

    Based on the WT explanation, "the rest of the anointed" have nothing more to do than any "non-anointed" Christians (as if there were such a thing). It looks like one of those unfortunate details that are left over when you misapply the parable. Kinda like when you put your car back together, after working on it, and you still have parts left over.

    Just going by the parable, though, the "domestics," or "fellow slaves," would presumably have their own assignments to take care of, although, the parable does not detail that. Even the one called "faithful and discreet" had previous duties for which he showed himself, well, uh, "faithful and discreet," to such an extent that when the Master needed someone to care for the food supplies during a long trip, he was chosen for the job. None of that is detailed in the parable, but can be presumed from the little info that is given.

    Of course, I think you knew all that Phizzy. Probably, the fear of questioning will take care of those 'unfortunate details.' And even if some brave soul would try questioning, he could only question the Society's gestapo, I mean, elders, who know less, and have studied less, than anyone who has dared to analyze the matter for himself. So that the leaders who have propounded this apostacy are insulated from all that. (Compare Isa 22:16 about Shebna, and the commentary below. IMO the GB are doing exactly the same.)

  • Phizzy

    Thanks BC ! good scriptural example, we all ask the same question of the GB as was asked of Shebna "What right have you here ?"

    I think if I get the time later I will pull all the questions raised in various threads about this Noo Lite in to a list that we could present to JW's, there must be at least 10 unanswerable questions about it.

  • jhine

    Please do that Phizzy , it would be most helpful . In the meantime I will ask the my friends who are witnesses the above question . Not being a witness I don't have to worry about ruffling feathers .

  • FWFranz

    Hi Phizzy

    The bible is clear that all who are "overcomers" will rule as kings and priests with Jesus. The bible teaches no alterate scenario or detailed hierarchy. JW's need only ask themselves one question. Did first century Christians believe and teach that a handful of men at the end of the age would be appointed over ALL of Christ's belonging. Of course they didn't!

    For the millionth time, the parable about the faithful and wise servant is merely a parable, not a prophecy. The WTS chooses not to wake up to this simple fact because it would srtip away their unique power structure and hold over the lives of millions of JW's Its that simple.


  • *lost*

    The rest of the anointed are gonna just be doing the same thing they always was - NOTHING. It's a joke.

    WT make no secret of the fact they don't even know who or where the anointed ones are around the world. WT wants absolute power and authority over the BUSINESS. Dictatorial wt.

    The ' true anointed ones' are now lost to us and are not giving us the 'proper spiritual food' we need at this 'the proper time'.

    It's one of the points that alsways really bugged my brain. Now I know why. I know TTATT.

    thank you all for making it happen.

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    "The bible is clear that all who are "overcomers" will rule as kings and priests with Jesus."

    Millions/billions of kings ruling over whom?

  • NewYork44M

    I heard it explained that the other annointed - primarily that group of humans born without penises - "lead" by following the direction of the governing body. Thus, they lead by example.

    It certainly makes sense to me.

  • FWFranz

    Hi Dismissing Servant

    How many overcomers there will be in the end is unknown to us at this time, but they will rule over all who will return in the ressurection. I firmly believe that there will be many who never heard the gospel message who will be ressurected to earth to learn of God's plan for mankind. Both those who are made spirits to rule with Christ and those who return in the ressurection could number in the millions/billions.


  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    OK, I see. Billions of kings ruling over remade clones of dead people.

    Jurasic Park on stereoids!?

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