just curious. How about blood?

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Thanks Shilmer. I have read your informative and quite interesting blog.

    Thank you stonewall for the moving experience.

    It seems that the blood doctrine has claimed a lot less victims than the other asinine doctrines. In a weird way I am glad to learn that the pain the watchtower causes is mostly to people who eventually recover (e.g. shunning and deception in litearature) or at least live with some sense of resignation (higher education). It seems that great advances in technology allow doctors in many cases to get around the dangerous, borderline homicidal blood doctrine.

  • steve2

    neverajw - you are perhaps too optimistic than is warranted about advanced medical procedures reducing the likelihood of death due to not receiving blood transfusions. Be aware that blood loss due to physical trauma - the most common presentations in Accident &Emergency departments - relies predominantly on donated blood - there are no safe, effective alternatives to human blood - a fact that is virtually never acknowledged by the Watchtower.

  • Giordano

    Never a jw...... you are more generous then you should be about the harm this doctrine causes. Remember this started in 1945. Reflect for a moment on the state of medicine back some 68 years ago. Blood was the main life savor in truma cases. It's also key in any number of cancer treatments. And while medicine has advanced greatly over those years and less and less blood is needed or even prefered many third world countries are still in the dark ages or live their lives as if they are in the 1920's.

    The point is this: To allow your mate or children to die because of a so called belief that Jesus never taught and the most orthodox Jew rejects as foolish and which within the JW world has touched nearly every family............and caused the death of 1/4 million people........... Is tragic. By the way we have had this discussion before, apparently you don't get it or want to get it....hummm

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    apparently you don't get it or want to get it....hummm

    Wher the hell did you get the idea that I don't get it?????

    I think you totally misunderstood. I thank advances in medicine because in some cases allow lives of JW's to be saved, which otherwise woud have been lost as a result of the stupid, asinine, borderline murderous, irresponsible doctrine of blood. My "sigh of relief" is because at least the greatest harm done by the watchtoer in terms of numbers doesn't come from children dying from the stupidity of the doctrine. The other harms (shunning, higher education and sense of betrayal) most people recover from, death you don't recover from.

  • Finkelstein

    but I would like to know if any of you has been personally hurt, or know someone who has been hurt by the blood doctrine of the WT.

    Yes, there have been thousands of people who have died regrettably and needlessly, my own mother is just one of these people.

    5 years ago my 75 year old mother attracted a viral invention which eventual went into her blood stream, she was taken

    to the hospital, where under close observation by very good doctors, who realized that she needed a complete Blood transfusion to

    counter the infection, she refused citing her religious beliefs forbid BTs.

    All the doctors could do at that point was give her antibiotics which didn't work, she died two days later, unexpectedly by are family.

  • steve2

    whoa Giordano - your comment about neverajw not getting it or wanting to get it is unhelpful. You don't advance people's understanding by questioning their abilities or motives surely!

    I see neverajw as genuinely interested in their queries about blood and I allow room for people having their own take or view on the subject anyway. Just as I like to think my own views on blood are open to rational discussion and consideration of the evidence, I see neverajw as having a similar outlook withjout expecting complete and utter agreement on every aspect of this often fraught subject.

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    Back in the 1970s I knew a woman in my congregation who refused an Rh factor injection (RhoGam), which is derived from blood. At that time, the WTS policy regarding medications derived from blood was "let your conscience be your guide," which meant it was NOT a disfellowshipping offence to have this injection.

    I also needed that Rh injection, and I accepted it. The "sister" who refused practically spat at me that it was the same as taking blood. The purpose of the injection was to prevent the possibility of having children with mental and physical problems due to the Rh factor.

    I went on to have a child who was normal in every way. She also had a baby, a daughter. The child was permanently mentally retarded.

    The tragedy of the WTS's ever-shifting policies regarding blood transfusions and blood products is not always death.

    Sometimes it's worse than death.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Just sharing,

    I have a brother JW who years ago had a stomach ulcer that started bleeding fast after a very spicy/hot meal. I believe he aggravated the whole problem by taking some over-the-counter medicine that thinned his blood. He waited for about a day to get to the emergency room from the time he started bleeding. He, as expected, refused blood. "Thank God" for great doctors, medical advances, and a compassionate health system in the U.S. He was just as good as dead had it not been for the skills and prompt treatment of those "bastards, wicked sons of Satan". Incidentally, he didn't pay a penny even though he didn't have health insurance. Again, damn those wicked governments of these systems of things who dare pay for thousands of dollars for health care to save the lives of the "chosen ones"

    My brother and many JW's around the world had better survival chances, not thanks to Jehovah or the "JW hospital blood committee" (I forgot the name), but thanks to the very technology and higher education that they denigrate so much, and also, thanks to those evil sons/daughters of Satan (nurses, doctors and others who support government programs that provide the best care for free even when JW's make it unnecessarily more expensive)

    Thanks for sharing first hand accounts of the harm done by the WT, especially to young, innocent lives who are given no choice in life-and-death situations.

  • Heaven

    I would like to know if any of you has been personally hurt, or know someone who has been hurt by the blood doctrine of the WTI would like to know if any of you has been personally hurt, or know someone who has been hurt by the blood doctrine of the WT

    never a jw... my beautiful cousin was in a horrific car crash. She needed a blood transfusion and refused. She died. She left behind a husband and 3 children.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Heaven, Frankiespin I am sorry about the unnecessary losses of your loved ones. I knew my question was going to be tough for you to write and for me to read. Your account and others help me galvanize my resolve to make my contribution to fight the irresponsible doctrines of the WT.

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