Islamic Scholars Schools Atheist's Video! Hyde Park London Debate. Please Help Tear His Logic up, please!

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  • PokerPlayerPhil

    Hi, I watched this video and was greatly insulted by the tactics used by Islamic apologist who claims he can defeat any atheist or non monotheists through his basic logic. Where do you begin, might be interesting if Cofty debated this guy, No, I like Cofty and don't want him getting jumped by all the followers who fall for this guys logical errors.

  • cofty

    First he tries to argue that the scientific method is flawed because it depends on the use of fallible human senses.

    This ignores how science actually works. The genius of science is in designing experiments that counter the effects of human bias and subjective experience. Scientists make predictions and then observe whether these hold up in the real world. Other scientists attempt to independently replicate the results. No scientific result ever depended on the subjective observation of a single scientist.

    Next gets the definition of "inductive" arse-backwards. Then he uses that to make a fatuous accusation that scientists make sweeping generalities based on inappropriate samples. In other words, "just because you haven't seen fairies at the end of your garden doesn't prove they don't exist".

    Now he asserts that "Universal Laws of Logic" cannot be accounted for by science.

    This is a fallacy of reism. Laws of logic are not a "thing".

    The other lad makes a shambles of trying to deal with the guy with the mic. Saying that logic cannot be trusted or 2+2 might be 6 is just silly.

    The guy with the mic is a ridiculous presuppositionalist. I have zero patience with this sort of intellectual dishonesty. It is the last refuge of somebody who has zero evidence for their beliefs.

    "Mathematics are true therefore Jesus". Pathetic.

    Having said that, I think his opponent was terrible.



    Same Old ,Same Old..

    Build a Straw Man or have someone else build a Straw Man for you..

    Then destroy it and declare yourself the winner.....It`s ridiculous..

    Simply provide the Proof either way..


    I turned it off..

    I get a headache listening to stupid people..

  • Slave4_38y
    Oh well that was entertaining . . . not
  • PokerPlayerPhil

    Cofty I felt bad for his opponent because this man was putting words in his mouth and got hyper by the second. He's at Hyde Park alot and uses these tactics on people of all faiths, he pretends to have a open mind yet like JWs will not look at his doctrinal past and all the errors in the Quran. There are members of his gang with different videos, they idolize him as some kind great teacher, his methods employed are devious. Someone sent me the link trying to convert me to Islam, I am not getting involved with another religion so shortly after quietly fading from the cult.

    I find him shameful with lots of disrespect, watching it twice only depended it's effects of insult, what good sport the poor kid was! I watched "Rosewater" and if you get a chance anyone, Jon Stewart did a bang up job creating this film based off a Iranian Reporter who was stuck in jail, his jailers used "The Daily Shows" comedy remarks "Are you a terrorist" as part of his conviction! One thing I must say about Rosewater is people in Iranian jails were incredibly respectful to their jailers versus how Americans treat their prison guards, something to notice is how eager Iranians are, i had nothing but good experiences with Iranian people, they want to come to the West and see how we live. Please watch Rosewater because it shows a different side of the Middle East people we don't get to see because of all the bias on channels and trash spewed by angry people. Thank you Cofty for you evaluation on this video,will wait for additional comments before I send the person a reply.

  • Finkelstein

    This guy is an idiot who thinks he's smart which makes him a pretentious intellectual posed in intellectual dishonesty.

    Religionists believe in books and spoken words alone, scientists gain knowledge and understanding from applying a scientific method in evaluating empirical evidence.

  • PokerPlayerPhil
    He's applying the "Law of non contradiction" to a book that's filled with contradictions. Cofty, I heard from some sources at Hyde Park that people who had tables sharing Hinduism and atheism were chased away by these people teaching about the Prophet. Have you been to Hyde Park and engaged with any of them? He's got so many videos dedicated to the conversion of London, maybe you will run in to him.
  • cofty

    Hi PokerPlayerPhil.

    It's amusing that this Muslim evangelist uses precisely the same tactic as christian fundies like Kirk Cameron and Ken Ham.

    I live 300 miles north of Hyde Park but I would love to see the action there. It's been a while since I was in the big city.

  • Ruby456

    the atheist rationalist won the argument imo as he clearly showed that based on the Islamist's reasoning the Islamist could not be certain of anything either. The atheist rationalist's technique was to patiently turn the questions back at the Islamist and show the holes in his own reasoning.

    edit: why is the video entitled brilliant atheist broken by Islamist? he sure doesn't look or sound broken to me

  • Ruby456

    okay this commenter nailed it

    Daniel Bucolo said

    By this logic you work yourself into a corner about how your senses perceive EVERYTHING though, including your readings of the Quran and the writing of the book itself. Maybe your perception of the book is flawed? Maybe the scripts writing down Mohammeds words were flawed in their perception, maybe Mohammeds visions were skewed based on his fallible perception. Not an extremely logical argument if you ask me. It all comes back down on having faith or not. Trying to figure out whether there is a god always falls back on to faith or lack there of. There is no clearly cut logic that can prove obe way or the other in my eyes. Do I follow the teachings of the god of Abraham? yes. Do I go to church? yes. Do I doubt? of course! Hopefuly when it comes to me on judgment day he lives up to "الرحمان الرحيم" But that is all I can do given the way my mind works.

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