What did you do during the written review

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  • Wren

    WR night usually had low attendance. I rationalized that I'll stay home too.

  • ChiChiMama

    I loved written review night.
    The 20-30 minutes of silence was wonderful.


  • anewlife

    I'm new here (2 days) and I enjoyed the responses, especially Yumbby's, (I laughed out loud at your husband's response!) Simon's and 144thousand and one.

    I used to answer the T/F and the Match the Scriptures and then I'd get out my date book and see what I had coming up to do or what I needed to put on my calendar. Then if I still had time, I'd balance my check book.

  • chezza

    I looked forward to the written review, i love to use my brain, and besides it always got us a no bible study night before, we had to prepare, i would write all the answers down and then cheat, the classic was my ex husband used to look over at mine so i would deliberately put some wrong answers in just to fix him up

  • Simon

    Just remembered ...

    We had hardboard boards to lean on which were got out at every written review (this may just have been a tradition at our strange hall)

    So, after whisking through the questions there was usually plenty of time to real the graffitti (yes!) on the boards and add some of your own - little doodles, cartoons, comments (that the elders must have never read) from people still there or long since left.

    Nothing left to do then but gaze forlornley at the cute sisters (if there were any) and dream.

    BTW: did everyone mark their questions honestly? Did anyone ever admit to getting more than just a few wrong?

    I have an admission here: On a congregation coach trip the zealous elder had arranged a bible quiz / mini written-review and the first person to get all the answers correct won a giant packet of Tic-Taks ...

    After 10 minutes of silence and mumbles around the bus, I thought I'd announce that I'd answered them all (no way were they correct) thinking that he'd check my form ... oh, dear - fancy trusting a JW like me!

    Hey, I got a giant box of Tic-Taks but my conscience made me feel compelled to pass them round for all to share.

  • unclebruce

    Nathan Natas,

    The written review started way back in the days when the School Servant was a real son of a canning headmaster. (you couldn't cheat in those days, it was strictly eyes down bum up and pass your papers in at the tinkling of the bell. lol.

    Me I was raised in the more enlightened '60's and used to finish first (usually getting a few wrong but looking around all smug and mr bean like at the poor sods still fumbling with thier hardcover bibles trying to remmember if Nebucadnezzar's dream was wet or dry) It was the same smugness one enjoys when one doesn't need a songbook anymore ;)

    cheers, unclebruce

    afterthought: ..ooo maybe it's more than co-incidence i left when they changed the songbook .. geez i knew i was a shallow prick but .. lol

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