What did you do during the written review

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I left 25+ years ago, and my rusty ol' brain cannot recall any "written review", What was it, and when did it start being practiced?

  • ballistic

    I actually thought the rotten review made an interesting change to hearing the same old crap over and over again.

    with the exception of the odd bit of new light.

    Hey I just thought...
    perhaps that's why the witnesses love new light. It means something actually interesting to listen to.


    drew pictures / day dreamed ABOUT where I wanted to be and it was not there and dozed off and went to sleep sometimes __ that is about it !!!!! ((((hugs))))

  • Mulan

    I always did the written review in about 5 minutes or so. Maybe 10. It was such easy stuff, you could find the answers, by eliminating the choices, if you had a brain. In the last few years, I don't think I ever attended that night. A real waste of time.

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • RedhorseWoman

    Wow! Until I read this thread, I had totally forgotten about the written review. I always did well on them (good, little Dub and all), but I didn't particularly like them. Obviously so, since I had no remembrance of this little goody until now.

  • TheStar

    I'm also one of those that was refreshed on written review nights... hehe... I would alway say in my mind "Yeah written review is tonight, I get a break from having to listen to the talks on the Theocratic Ministry School!" haha... But unless I studied I never did very well on those things. When I did study I'd Ace them, of course because the dern thing was already filled out when I got to the hall! LOL!

  • saltiest

    I either took the time to practice my artistic abilities or had fun writing in wacky answers. Or, when I got older, probably 14 or 15, I just made an excuse not to go and stayed home. Hey, I skipped school, why not skip the written review? I kept thinking "who the hell do they think they are, giving us a TEST on beliefs that should be kept personal and private in everyone?"

    Again, another thing that just pushed me away from the whole Jahoser bit.


  • 144thousand_and_one


    That's hilarious, because I can remember doing the same thing (making words out of the watchtower)! I guess it's a human response to boredom. However, I also used to doodle in my publications, and my bible had anatomically correct dinosaurs in the inside covers representing the male and female genders. In later years, I began pasting nudie pictures inside the publications so that my parents would think I was studying the "Truth" when instead I was checking out Ms. April!

  • Solace

    Taking the written review.
    I almost forgot about those.
    I enjoyed looking around at all the people taking the test, pretending to know the answers and then writing them in as we went over it.
    I was always hoping the elder conducting the test would have everyone pass it to the person sitting behind them to check, like we did in school.
    I cant believe I actually thought that was normal, like all religions gave written tests. Puhleease!!! How manipulating.


    COSH darn it----i WAS A bad DUB who sometimes know one or two answers and then waited until they went over it later and then I too wrote them in and when I got home round filed for future reference !!!

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