Why conservatives are losing

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  • free2beme

    Everytime I see a facebook status about hunting, fishing, farming, 4 wheeling, and being a good old boy. It is a conservative Republican friend who is saying he or she is proud to be real an American. This is common, to mention these good old boy jobs and mentality in such a way. Nothing new, in many cases it is a generation after generation thing. Even in the 60's the hippies were laughed at by these people, while they set on their tractors and worked in their construction jobs. While this was all happening and these ones were all proud to show all American and back to good old boy life styles. The Hippies, the liberals, the old left wing nut jobs (as seen from the right). Did not sit on a tractor, 4 wheel in the mud and compete to see who could get the most ducks on a duck hunt. They became lawyers, judges, politicians and got a college degree in a field that could change law and change government. So good old boys, your pride in 'putting a boot in their ass, it is the American way' did not get the truth memo. Which is that he who can control the law, writes the law and is in the future the law. Which is why conservatives are losing in those hippie liberals are taking over the world. But, do not worry, pray at dinner each night and I am sure God will take care of you. Not!

  • free2beme

    Guess I was right.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    The conservatives are loosing in the USA because the conservatives are not conservative. Its a misnomer

    George Bush and Chaney with their liberal preemptive war spending bankrupted this country.

    People don't want anymore radical war spending. They would rather spend their money on the US then

    invading some other country.

    Then the conservative ran Romney who didnt stand for anything he changed his position everytime the wind blew.

    Romney did not represent the working man. People saw that.

  • free2beme

    I agree, Romney was a tool.... Was up there going, "LIKE ME, PLEASE" When people didn't he did anything the machine told him to do, as a tool.

  • TD
    So good old boys, your pride in 'putting a boot in their ass, it is the American way' did not get the truth memo...

    I'm not a young man and have watched a lot of elections. Democrats have lost a considerable number of them by forgetting that a substantial amount of the people, "Sitting on their tractors" and "4 wheel[ing] in the mud" and "Compet[ing] to see who could get the most ducks on a duck hunt." are Democrats themselves. This is especially true in the South.

  • Satanus

    Done in by hippies;)


  • DaCheech

    TD, sounds alot like the "47%" remark!

    Good luck democrats, seems like history all over again

  • sooner7nc

    Stupidest thread ever.

  • sooner7nc

    We could have included this with Wibble but Wibble is generally intelligent.

  • manthedan

    What does hunting, fishing, and farming have to do with Republican conservatives? If anything it shows that these " good ol' boys" share common values and skills: Hard work and sportsmanship.
    Is it wrong to be proud of one's own heritage and country?
    I would also disagree about hippies. A hippie wouldn't be integrates in law or becoming a judge lol. A hippie would more likely be an anarchist than follow a liberal ideology. A hippie's credo would be about freedom, love, nature; living off the land, something a hippie and a "good ol' boy" would value.
    I would say the reason conservative values are not dominate like previous decades would be because Americas cultural values have changed.

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