Part 2 of the 2013 Conti and Simons interview now on YouTube (questions posed by JWN members)

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  • cedars

    Hi everyone

    Part 2 of the interview series has now been uploaded to YouTube.

    For those who are unfamiliar, this is the second part of a series of videos covering an interview with Candace Conti and Rick Simons where the questions were posed by members of this forum.

    Questions answered in this video are...

    (To Rick, asked by Hoffnung) Why was Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania, together with more Watchtower corporations, not sued as well?

    (To Candace, asked by DATA-DOG) Are the Watchtower's legal team Jehovah's Witnesses themselves, and are they paid to represent their client?

    (To Rick, asked by Splash & exwhyzee) What are the next key stages in this appeal process, and how long will it likely take?

    (To Candace, asked by truthseekeriam) Are you satisfied with the outcome of the case so far?

    (To Rick, asked by Hoffnung) Is the appeal effectively a complete re-trial, or is it left to the Society to identify elements of the main trial that may have violated applicable laws?

    (To Rick, asked by DATA-DOG) If Candace's abuse occurred after California became a mandatory reporting state, how does this impact on the Watchtower's defence?

    (Apologist rumour/accusation, answered by both Candace and Rick) "Candace Conti has been convicted of taking and selling drugs, and for being in possession of stolen goods. She also worked as a prostitute when she was a teenager.

    (To Candace, asked by truthseekeriam) Do you plan on continuing your efforts toward protecting the children of the Watch Tower Society?

    I hope all who are following the case find this information useful.


  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Thank you Cedars, Conti's and Simon for providing insight to the process. I look forward to Part 3.

  • Iamallcool

    I am looking forward to see it with captions like last time. I will appreciate it.

  • steve2

    Thank you John for the very informative second part.

  • BlindersOff1
  • jamiebowers


  • freeflyingfaerie

    Thank you for sharing this

  • clarity

    Thanks to all parties for your dedication to do the right thing.


    Shame on you watchtower society for your total failure to protect

    our children, and for covering up this crime.

    Everyone knows of this but must not speak about it...because of your

    punishing policies!


    Thank you Candace for standing up against them!

    For Cedars persistance & hard work ... many thanks.


  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Much is answered re questions and speculation.

    THANK YOU, Cedars!! Truly appreciated

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Cedars, although I wasn't sure if you wanted me to transcribe it for you to add closed-captioning, I did.

    I'm gonna send it to you in a few minutes.

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