The most boring book in the Bible.

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  • sleepy

    What did you find the most boring book to read in the Bible?

    Its a hard choice as there's so many to choose from but I have to go with Psalms.Flipping Nora it take for ever to read, is written in some incomprehensible way, and is about nothing!

  • Amazing

    Sleepy: Chronicles made me sleepy.

    Following Bible principles, we will avoid trying to live - or demand others to live - by an extensive and rigid set of dos and don'ts that go beyond the teachings of the Bible. The Watchtower, 4-15-02, pg 22, pp 15

  • Scully

    Actually Psalms was one of my favorites. Each "chapter" is considered to be a 'psalm' or song of worship, and is very poetic. There are some interesting patterns that are used in writing some of the psalms. You might notice the references at the beginning of a psalm to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which was part of a certain group of psalms that was sung as a unit. The letter reference was a kind of memory aid, because each verse began with a word starting with the letter at the top of the psalm. Enough trivia for now.

    The most boring passages for me are any that included LONG BORING lists of "begats". They were the most torturous of Bible readings.

    Some of the "lesser prophets" were so brief, it made you wonder why they were even included in the Bible in the first place.

    Love, Scully

  • RunningMan

    I don't know about boring, but Lamentations is certainly the biggest downer.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

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  • Gopher

    I agree with whoever said "Chronicles". You can also add Deuteronomy. Long lists of antiquated laws. Yawn. How beneficial!!

    I actually enjoyed reading the book of Psalms, especially when I was feeling a bit down. And I also enjoyed the satiric wit that can be found in some of the Proverbs, and the eroticism of Song of Solomon. (I have put my clothes can I put them back on? etc.)

    Scully, you said you don't know why some of the minor prophets are included....C'mon, don't you know all scripture is inspired of God and beneficial??? (2 Tim. 3:16) How dare you... never mind, LOL. Perhaps some of the minor prophets just wanted to see their names in the Holy Book.

    You want a real head-scratcher -- how 'bout the book of Joel? They cannot even pinpoint the era in which it was written, nor whom exactly he is prophesying against!! It comes across like a generic "Jehovah has enemies --- he will destroy!!" type of book.

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    (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America - Minnesota division)

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  • Scully


    How DARE I?? It's in my contract/job description as an apostate. That's how.

    Love, Scully

  • Farkel

    For me, the most boring book is "Genesisthrurevelation."


  • Abaddon

    You spell 'is' with an 's', not with a 'n'.


  • truthseeker1

    Most are boring. Chronicles' son of son of son of son of son of son of son of son of crap can get kinda old. The only fun part in that is seeing all the brothers doing the #2 and Bible Highlights talks, trying to make it interesting. I swear, all they talked about is how Jehovah likes organization, so thats why we report our time.
    Proverbs is cool cuz you can sprout off proverbs and sound smart;)

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