OMG once and for all, whats this idea of a three fold prophesy??

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  • sowhatnow

    oh yea, I was asking her if she remembers just studying her watchtower lessons with the type anti type nonsense. she says to me, oh your just reading those to find fault. lol so no matter what we loose right?

    no longer can i 'read those' and be found righteous , lol then of course she defaults to the old " you are just looking for a reason to not go out door to door, you never liked it , you never liked meetings, bla bla.

    yea thats why i went and gee the holy spirit must have been drunk then to 'lead me' to be baptized, lol. yea the holy spirit was drunk when 'it' let my soon to be x become ministerial servant when I knew what he was really like.

    shes still teaching the three prophesy fulfillment bullcrap to her bible study! she has her own teachings,lol

    I wont hold my breath waiting for her to find 'the time' to look up scriptures. and kalk ill have to look into that info.

  • Virran

    Searcher, isn't that because Rutherford got out of jail that year?

    But still, that doesn't prove that Jesus choose these fruit cakes to represent him on earth.

  • Vidiot

    I think the "lesser fulfullment"/"greater fulfillment"/"three-fold" thing came about out of a need to still believe that prophecy would still be fulfilled in the believer's favor...

    ...after all, if they've already all been fulfilled, why isn't the promised post-Apocalyptic utopia not here?

  • BluesBrother
    'im not arguing with you anymore my heat breaks for you.'
    That seems very familiar. The dubs of my family , female say I if I allow myself to be sexist, are past masters at the art of diverting any reasonable discussion into a heated argument . When logic and facts run out, they adopt the tactic of insults. I am apparently too stupid to see it.
  • hopeofglory
    This stems from being stuck in the written word. Most do not realise the written word is only a testimony and has not life.What gives life is the living word there is a difference.That living word is Christ in you the hope of glory revealed to the gentiles (colossians 1:27). God does not dwell in man made temples or in things made by bricks and mortar he dwells within beleivers, you are the temple of the living God. Most do not realise this. Messiah put an end to religion 2000 years ago and now its all done in the spirit. The prophecies were for one generation only and that generation was in the 1st century. It was about the destruction of jerusalem, the temple, the OT law and ordinances. So now the new covenant in which all people can enter into means there is no more law, no more death.Mankind has been reconciled back to God. He knocks on the door of everyones heart and reveals himself to those who love him. These ones have no need of anything and God himself teaches you all things.

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