False prophets or simply wrong expectations?

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    To be fair, Paul had his opinions. Still he said they were just that. He did not persecute people for not following his advice. Am I missing something?

    Good thread.

  • Mum

    If only they would be so willing to stretch a point to make a defense when a publisher makes an error. Their mistakes are justifiable; others' mistakes are an indication that they are evil.

    There are many other good reasons for not being a JW than just false prophecies. Loving thy neighbor as thyself is one good one. Having love for your fellow humans and demonstrating it in a reality-based, practical way is totally forbiddeen by the borg.

  • Pterist

    *** The brother went on to say that the apostles had wrong expections, but that didn't make them false prophets, so JWs are no more false prophets than they were***

    One BIG difference, the early Apostles preached Christ for salvation NOT dates, Dates were NOT mandatory for Truth or salvation. The WBTS is preaching an end time fulfillment of separating the sheep from the goats, escaping Armageddon based on dates...607, 1914, 1919. All will die who reject these dates, and all have been disfellowshipped and will die at Armageddon if the dates are not believed and preached.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    They now realize they had wrong expectations but continue with incorrect dogma = False Prophets.

    The only anointed one (from my understanding-Jesus baptizim etc.) who was present at the last meal was Jesus. Anointing didn't start for others until Pentecost. So where do they get the idea only anointed can partake of the bread and wine? Jesus would have left detailed instructions then saying only anointed could partake.

    As Woody Allen once said, Jesus must be throwing up all over the place.........

  • whathappened

    I was around for the 1975 fiasco. They are false prophets.

  • NeverKnew

    My friend told me that there had been no false prophecy for the WTS never claimed to be prophets. I showed him otherwise in the April 1, 1972 WT article.

    He then fell back on "they made a bad prediction."

    I asked him to show me the difference between a "false prophet" and a "bad predictor" using his Bible.

    I have yet to hear an answer from him.

  • Scott77

    Very Excellent. Thank you leaving_quietly. You have nailed them down. There is no way of escape from the watctower's falsehood.


  • Finkelstein

    Here's one thing to note, if the scriptures describes in detail of how wrong the early apostles were in making forecasts and predictions

    of Christ's return, why didn't the WTS. assume that themselves like every other Christian based religion ?

    Simple answer = forwarding commercialization endeavored by a publishing house to promote their published goods.

    Maybe Christ should have been more explicit and said watch out for charlatans who will try and sell the gospel !

    The used many tricks to draw attention to themselves and their literature, citing mankind is living in the last days and here's the proof etc. etc.

    Sure they are apologizing now for those false proclamations but those old doctrines worked to their fraudulent divisive intent.

  • outsmartthesystem

    This makes me sick. Makes me think back to when I had a "bible" study. He asked me about the jws prophetic failures. I was so happy when I found the article explaining them as "premature expectations". All it took was clever semantics to allow me to keep my confirmation bias.

  • Finkelstein

    They JW religion sells itself in a very crass disingenuous way.

    Maybe it couldn't help going in that direction since it started out really as a religoius publishing comapny. ???

    Its founding roots is in literature distribution.

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