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    I'm a Jehovah's Witness who's doubts about God have been kinda forced to front by some adulterous acts on my part. I don't really feel the the JW's are dangerous presently, at least not any more than any other religion. I do feel the urge to free myself from it and my marriage within the week. Later I'll give my story. It's not nearly as shocking or interesting as some of the stories I've read here, but maybe it'll give another perspective. I tried to put a short bio in the profile thing. As this is my first post, this is also sort of a test to see if did this posting stuff right.


  • WildHorses

    Welcom to the forum, Maxwell.


    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.
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    my sons name is maxwell (middle name). welcome.


  • pandora

    Welcome Maxwell,
    I will be looking forward to reading your story.

  • Dutchie

    Maxwell, are you kidding? I just read your bio and its very interesting indeed. I would just like to say that I think it is brave of you to go and confess your sins to the elders so that your present wife will be free to marry. It is the right thing to do. After all, she should not be punished just because of something you did. Anyway, welcome to the forum and I look forward to hearing more from you soon.

  • SYN

    Hi Maxwell, nice to hear from you. Reading your Bio, I'd recommend not making hasty decisions, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do eh? Those Elder types are going to roast your ass, that's for sure. Take a hidden microphone with and record the hearing, it should be rather entertaining.

    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate of Africa - For Great Justice!

  • maxwell

    Thanks for all the welcomes. :) How do you do those smilies?

    SYN, That mike thing sounds like it would be fun, but actually I'm gonna try to avoid the hearing if at all possible. I'll just write out the confession and the fact that I'm not really repentant. Of course, they'll probably try to "readjust" me. Is that when they "roast me"? Hopefully I'll can just tell them I'm beyond readjustment.

    I've only been in the back room with the elders a couple of times and that was in my teens in the congregation where I grew up. First time, I was a junior in high school, they stopped using me on microphones and what not, because I was in the band and I was the drum major. My dad sat in with me. He was an elder at the time and didn't seem to happy about what they were saying. Although I was still making all the meetings and field service, they said some other young ones were possibly being stumbled and wanted to play sports. Apparently the parents in these other undisclosed families lacked the ability to think on their own. I was one of the "exemplary" ones and they couldn't handle having their children point at me and say "look at what he's doing, I want to play sports".

    Second time came late teens probably after I was out of high school. I was still at home but being over 18, I met with the elders alone this time. My dad had stepped down from being an elder then for personal reasons. I had gotten my "privileges" back. ( I decided not to participate in marching band my senior year, and eventually they started using me for stuff again). But my field service time average had gone down under exemplary levels (at least 10 hours/month). Eventually, they decided not to use that number thing as a qualification and they started using me again. I guess they were low on man power for doing Kingdom Hall chores. Both times were pretty relaxed. But who knows what'll happen this time. Maybe I'll see how rowdy them elders can get. I haven't had to meet with the elders in this congregation for anything, so I really don't know how they are in that situation. I'll let you know.

  • Scully

    Hi Maxwell

    Welcome to the forum.

    I don't mean to throw a monkey wrench into your plans, but have you given any thought to the possibility that your wife may not WANT to divorce you? What will you do if she forgives your adultery, and says she wants to work things out with you on the grounds that "Jehovah hates a divorcing"??

    Love, Scully

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  • out4good3

    Hi Maxwell,

    Your profile is a more interesting read than you think it is. Furthermore, your willingness to come clean to your wife about your indiscretion speaks volumes about your courage and integrity. You've made a mistake, whether intentional or not, and now are willing to pay the price. That's much more than any on this board can say about those old geezers in Brooklyn.

    I applaud your decision on coming clean with the wife, but if you're convinced that the WT is no longer the truth, why do you feel that you have to play by their rules in offering up a confessional to them at all. What they're most likely to do is look down their noses at you, guilt trip the hell out of you (supported by scripture of course), then DF you anyway. If DF is at the end of the tunnel, why should you put yourself through that nonsense.

    I would just like to say that I think it is brave of you to go and confess your sins to the elders so that your present wife will be free to marry. It is the right thing to do. After all, she should not be punished just because of something you did
    Dutchie, I have to somewhat disagree with you on this point, only as far as he should confess to the elders. If the JW's are as "loving" as they claim to be there should be no punishment forthcoming to her from the elders. There should be no stygma attached to her for something her husband did. Of course, we know this almost never happens by such a loving group as Jehovah's people. (sarcasm)
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    coming to this forum Maxwell, was the SMART thing to do!

    Hope you don't find the KAOS here too much to bear!

    The Pope

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