No professional group good at policing itself

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  • rhett

    Ah, but where would the museums get their meteorites? Go to eBay and search for meteorites to get an idea of how popular they are. If you want to see some pricey stuff go to Rob's one of the biggest dealers in the world and also one of the nicest. He's got some pretty amazing stuff. For all that, check out while your're at it. Serguei recently had a meteorite featured in Sky & Telescope that he found while out in a desert hunting for meteorites. We do a lot of business together and I have acted as an american distributor for him numerous times.
    As for groups policing themselves, I agree that religions don't exactly have the best track record in the world but I wanted to offer a view from the inside of a group that polices a certain industry.

    Back down the bullies to the back of the bus
    Its time for them to be scared of us

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