FAIRNESS, Does Kent Know the Word?

by IslandWoman 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • IslandWoman

    I am surprised by many here who seem to give Kent the benefit of: "a bad little boy can't be all bad".

    Kent forced censorship on H20, he exploited the freedoms of this board.

    Would Kent's "stretching the envelope" posts be allowed on his DB?

    I would appreciate honest answers, please.


  • LDH

    Who gives a shit?

    I ain't in the middle of it and those who choose to be are contributing to the problem.

    Post here if you like, post there if you like or GODAMMIT post at both.

    I'm sick of the whole mess.

    Personally, I'd much rather be on the lookout for the likes of NYT and any incarnation thereof. People like THOSE are who cause the board to go downhill, not full grown adults who have personality conflicts.

    Sick Of It Class

  • IslandWoman


    In my view what Kent did to Simon was wrong. Simon welcomed everyone, Kent trashed this site. If this is too much for you to handle I am sorry.

    Why do xJWs think that their fellow xJWs are some how above doing the very same thing the GB has done? We're just people, all of us are subject to the same kinds of evil.

    Wake Up! Do you really think there are no potential GB types among us?

  • dungbeetle

    (((((( LDH )))))))))))

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango
    In my view what Kent did to Simon was wrong. Simon welcomed everyone, Kent trashed this site. If this is too much for you to handle I am sorry.

    so kent made his own board and left here, get over it and grow up.


  • Billygoat

    I don't think Kent trashed this site. I agree...if he wants to leave, let him leave. It's his choice. But I do believe that everyone probably has a good side. I've read a lot of what Kent write. It's good stuff. Look at his website. It's good stuff. His talents and goodness does not make up for the fact that he can be an ass. And can he be an ass? Yes. And that doesn't negate the fact that he has a good side.

    I'm just curious...why are you so obsessed with Kent and Julie and all of those that have left the forum?

  • Satanus
    Kent trashed this site

    I'm not a kent fan, but i have to correct this. Kent did some shit here, but he also brought in some heavy ant-jw stuff, namely the full audio of the kingdom ministry school, early un ngo membership, and a few other things. Balancing these things out, it's far from trash. Why don't you let this thing die? He is gone, and people can go where they want.


  • IslandWoman

    Bitter Mango,

    I love your comment!: "so kent made his own board and left here, get over it and grow up."

    I do believe every xJW would do well to follow your advice! We should "get over it and grow up." There are many religions and cultures that have poured shit on their people, maybe we all should just "get over it and grow up"!

    This board is proof that many are unable to "get over it", please don't judge what others should get over!

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    oh my. sorry island woman but i am 18 and even *I* know better than to drag on some played out flame war.. exactly what you are doing!

    there is a -HUGE- difference between some people here not being able to 'get over' the hurt, pain and anger that the org has caused them, and these absolutly childish acusations you are making against someone who no longer even posts here. christ!
    if you have such a problem with kent, email him. you are being disrespectful to both kent and simon by continuing this game here.


  • Rags

    I am kinda new here and dont know about this Kent things other than what i just read....but i have seen posts such as "Your All Obsessed "..etc...
    I agree with...get over it...whatever it is!

    There is a great realization here for us....being a JW is certainly an obsession...and being an ex JW we would also haveto let go of our obsessive thinking habits ..... it is not easy to do when for so many years you are taught to build your life around this religion...it becomes an obsession and then your out..and hey..its hard to let go of that habit when it comes to anything else...we tend to obsess about everything.
    anyways..nuff said from me...i just thought i would point that out..
    hope you find some peace in this Kent matter....

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