Who has sayings of everlasting life?

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  • gumby

    Hi Pepper. So glad you joined in and can share with the many stories of various ones at different stages in their life.

    A quote you made was this...Basic truths to me have been knowing that God does have a name, so many religions see him as only Jesus only or refuse to call him by an accepted name at all apart from all others; really that is the first step to comuication with any relationship.

    I found out what "basic truth" meant by reading in the bible what others had also found as to the meaning of the REAL TRUTH we must have according to the bible.

    You really might enjoy reading of Randall Watters story on FREEMINDS.COM about how he, and many others at bethel, began their own private bible study on the book of Romans, that led to their departure from Bethel.

    I look foward to future posts from you.....take care

  • Pepper

    Cohesion of propose keeps lives together and relationships are helped too, as far as religion goes a belief system is healthy cause I hear it produces traditions and these completes the circle of "cohesion.

    YHWH I don't know how to say it I am sure in inglish, I don't think anyone does; but if your a inglish speaking person and someone says it most informed people will know to whom yur refering to.
    Even if your Hebrew scholar you really don't know how to say it, cause you were not around when the one speaking it correctly said it to know how to mimic his utterances.
    Judging world conditions it behooves me to conceder any religions views on events that are transpiring presently, Jehovah's Witness's most certainly have their faults; in a blink of an eye your life can be over for any untold multitude of reasons and all our lives will at some point come to an end. I can not imagine that God has left all humans groping madly in spiritual uncertainty without some thread of truth concerning our salvation and an organized effort at this time to guide us to it, it is illogical to assume other wise.
    As far as not being in an organization even this small group of people seeking fellowship on the Internet has to some extent be organized, granted if anyone in this group was being needlessly controlled by the originators of this group that should raise a red flag.
    When I was attending the Jehovah's Witness's religion I did not question anything that was printed or was spoken, that was and should always be a mistake, even in marriage that should not exist. Pepper

  • thewiz

    SaintSatan & Pepper

    Would you agree that words and meanings are completely abstract concepts.

    I.E. In English I call a book a book in French I would call it a ?livre? -I only took French for 4 years you think I would remember.

    Anyway, which word is right? If I didn't know english or vice-versa french, the words would have no absolute meaning for me.

    But when I hear the word book, I know what it is, I know what it means. I form a picture in my mind of what a book is. Other things come in to play also, like famous authors, my favorite book, etc.

    Words ONLY have meaning because we place value on them, we attach import to them. Why is a tree a tree? Because we agree that the word in english for a tree means a living organism that draws it nutrients from the ground, has branches and leaves, etc.

    Otherwise, words have no meaning no importance. The same with Jehovah, when we say Jehovah, we know beyond all shadow of a doubt who or what we a talking about. The way it was pronounced in the original Hebrew then becomes insignificant, because, if I didn't have someone explaining to me what YHWH, even if we knew it's original pronounciation, would have NO meaning anyway.

    so if a person, in their language translates the word Jehovah to "YHWH" and they pray to "YHWH" who am I too say that the correct way to say the name of God is just and ONLY "Jehovah." It's the meaning to that person in their language that the net result is that they are talking or thinking the same thing or entity.

  • logical


    Christ has sayings of everlasting life. It is to him we must go, and not to earthling man.

  • Nemesis

    Welcome Pepper,

    You will find that many things that you call ‘basic truths’ from the JWs are neither scriptural nor reasonable once you examine them in detail. Things like 1914, the faithful and discreet slave [as JWs teach], who lives and who dies, who will not get resurrected, when the last days started etc.

    I would recommend you read both of Ray Franz’s books [links below], they will give you a much more encouraging point of view to think about compared to what you were allowed to know as a JW. The answers will come—just not all at once.

    Get Crisis of Conscience first if you can.


  • hannibal

    My uncle and I got into this discusion this weekend,
    The inportance of using Gods name or not.

    My reply to him:

    A) Gods name not in the greek scriptures

    B) If Gods name is a vitual factor in in seperating
    the "true" religion from the false ones, why didnt
    Jesus use it in the model prayer? Why didnt he use it

    My uncles reply:

    A) Jesus was talking to people that new gods name,
    today his name wasnt widely known till the wbts, it was
    there job to reastablish his name for all the earth.



  • thewiz


    A) Gods name not in the greek scriptures

    If I am not mistaken even Biblical Archeaolgy Review magazine recognized that the name of God was taken out of the Greek scriptures, early on. I'll have to look it up to refresh my memeory.

    Look at the direct quotes the Greek scrip's take from the Hebrews scrip's. Probably 99% sure that the original text used the name of God in those instances.

  • ballistic

    Pepper, I for one agree with some of what you say; that is, it is not all bad. I've told many horror stories, true ones and I feel that I am glad to be free.
    But, there were many occasions on which I was glad to be a JW. I can relate stories of great charity and love from some bros and sis.
    I will tell you one such story so you know where I am coming from.

    Me and my mother used to call on an old Australian couple in our neighbourhood with the magazines every two weeks. They were very old alcoholics and we new deep down they would never make it to become JWs but called with the mags religiously. They were, in fact, very nice people and we used to drop in and chat.
    Anyway, the wife died and the first church refused to perform the funeral as they were not members. The second church would do so but was charging an extortionate amount. So the old man asked us, and we gave him an elder's phone number.
    Now the elder, without hesitation visited, explained that the kingdom hall could not be used, but he would perform the funeral at the crematorium chapel and proceeded to make arrangements. He went through with a talk about the reserection and after would accept no money. He said that if he wished to contribute, to come to the meeting and do so - which he did.
    This was all such a fine witness to the man, myself and others. It absolutely made that man so proud to see his poor wife get a good send off, even if he didn't fully understand the religion.

    Now, I can tell 101 stories of great love and generosity like this, but in my case at some point, things desperately went wrong. You can read my story somewhere on here if you want. But what I'm saying is, yes I don't come here just to slag off witnesses. The truth represents two thirds of my life, instilled in me many good qualities and measure of knowledge. But I don't believe that SOME good is good enough. I believe I also suffered harm. Not from anyone intentionally, but caused by the machine of the Watchtower. I became a victim. Sad but true, and this is all too easy. When you look at the figures of 100s of thousands disfellowshipped and ask yourself why. When I think of the brother who threatened to punch my eyes out, the JW step father who abused his family, my JW friend who was conning the social security benefits, the JW window cleaner I knew with two sets of accounts, the JW brother who worked his way through every virgin in the congregation repenting every time, my real father who died without blood, other witnesses in affairs and not to mention gossipping, bickering and back stabbing. And then to get disfellowshipped for a minor offense and feel like your world has ended.

    Shit happens.

  • Pepper

    Thanks for the insightful information,as I read your post I thought if I was an angel or Jesus or the almighty him self I could see all the faultering of humans on this earth in an instant of time, can you imagine what that must be like; I for one am glad I do not have such a copasity as that cause I am not pure enough in heart or have enough of Gods thoughts deeply ingrained in me to endure that onslot.
    Paul MaCartney of the Beetles once said in a song "all you need is love love, all you ever need is love." It also reminds me of what Jesus is recorded to have said too: "lord forgive them because they do not know what they do."
    My point is our craveing for our God is to be near him cause he cares for us, and none of us desearve anything from him yet he will remember us if we die, I for one would love to be just like him one day but knowing myself I don't know how I could, but in his mercey maybe he will help me.

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