Traits of Abusive Churches and Toxic Faith Systems

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  • detective

    I posted this link on another cult-related thread. It's got criterion from a variety of cult experts.

    I also have a questionaire that I took from another posting board awhile back. I think I have it at home. If so, I'll post it here later.

  • truthseeker1

    Looks as if WTS built their organization upon these 21 statements. The thing that really gets me is only the information from within the organization by anonomous people is true. Shit, i'd like to be an editor for the WTS and have my words as law...

  • Richie

    Hi Misty...
    Welcome to this board! Hope you had a restful long weekend away from all the pressures of everyday life - we all need that!
    To come back to your question about my youngest daughter: you are right - I did not sit with her. They found some seats right in the front of the auditorium and even though she asked me to sit there as well, I had to decline for the simple reason that I was emotionally spent and angry at the entire situation. I did not feel like walking to the front where all spectators had one more chance to gaze at me. As I explained in my previous post, there was nobody (including some elders) who were kind enough to help me find a seat, even though I asked them repeatedly - I thought that this was common courtesy in the slightest degree to at least accommodate df'd ones find their way at the memorial. Instead I was standing around like a deer caught in front of literal onlookers, yes quite a spectacle indeed! In retrospect, I should have left the community center at that very moment! Who knows, maybe they might have gotten the message, but then again they are just robots where feelings have been switched off because they were indoctrinated by the Watchtower machine. Out of frustration I even momentarily thought of partaking of the emblems just to create a commotion, but then again that could have backfired, which would have served no purpose.
    At any rate, this was quite a psychological mountain I had to climb just to experience this "unloving arrangement of things", yes by their brotherly love you can recognize them...

    Take care...

    Richie :*)

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I could relate. Whenever I visit the Congregation my kids go to when they are visiting their Dad (a JW)to see my son give his little talk, I am treated like I have been DF'd, even though I havn't been...not even publicly reprooved. Nobody talks to me. I divorced him because of the abuse, but they treat him like he's father of the year, and an example of a true christian. My sweet children are caught in the middle. Even though I have legal custody of them, I find it very difficult and I try not to hurt them my revealing my true feelings about the WTS.

  • Kiwikid

    Another Good Book that has made it out here to Lil' Ole New Zealand is Healing Spiritual Abuse By Ken Blue. (Published by Intervarsity Press) ISBN 0-8308-1660-7. Aimed mainly at the Lealalistic "Bible based" Pentecostals.

    One other Trait common in these churches, ((Though not found in the wittnesses) is a very revetitive, Hypnotic beat to the Music - like African Drums.

    Nice Post Ritchie. Know all they are like that in New Zealand to!

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