Why the disrespect for Jesus?

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  • BluesBrother

    O K, I admit that I went to the memorial , same as ever and some thought the numbers were down . I went to please my wife , no other reason, and I do not see anything wrong with that.

    I accept that board covers all shades of opinion and I also believe that the Christ is broadshouldered enough to take insults without my having to get upset about it. Personally I do believe deeply in the teachings of Jesus and therfore the meaning of his death. I spent most of the meeting reading scriptures of what Jesus said rather than the listening to the speaker.

    Let's keep the free speech alive.

  • artful

    Hear, hear, JeffT and Andyman. You've got it right on!


  • bboyneko
  • Introspection

    "Youuuuu sick little monkey!" -Ren

  • sunstarr


    Why the disrespect? Easy. Why the respect?
    Although respect is often a thing that must be earned, it is also given out of human decency. Rare is the case that someone will (without provocation) disrespect another's mother. It is avoided simply because it is the decent thing to do. For instance, would anyone on this board dare post a cartoon of a woman hanging on a cross and label it "bboyneko's mother?" I think not. We give respect for others that extends to those they hold dear. For many Christians, Christ is just as dear, if not more so, than their own family members. To disrespect Christ can be as insulting to Christians as disrespecting their mother. As was pointed out, Christ certainly does have broad enough shoulders to handle insults. This, however, makes it no less insulting to Christians. Just a thought.


    Yeah that's it, walk right on in -- just as if you belonged there. Satan did the same.
    Is it, or is it not an open invitation? Thought so. Have a nice day.
  • gravedancer

    Jesus will come again......

    but only after someone goes down on him this time!!

  • NameWithheld

    First - it's hard to 'respect' a mytical entity.

    Second - it's hard to respect a 'holiday' (that's not really much of a holiday either) that totally flies in the face of what 'Christianity' believes anyway. JWs not only do the deal on the wrong day (probably yet another way to say "hey we're different from everyone!") but they forbide you from following the bible instructions to eat/drink.

    Why the hell do I want to go watch a bunch of brainless twits pass food around?

  • Introspection

    Most people mean honor of some type when they say respect, but it's interesting to note the etymology of the word re-spect:

    [< L respectus, pp. of respicere, to look at, look back on, respect < re-, back + specere, to look at: see spy]

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