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  • Hortensia

    I am not particularly interested in the wtbts and their current doings. Or doctrine, or debates about god/evolution. I am more interested in people, especially ex-jws like me. What's going on in your world, good or bad? What has happened recently that you'd like to share? How's your health? How is school? How are your kids?

    My update -- got back yesterday from a one-month trip to Indiana and New Mexico to see relatives. Nice to see relatives, curses on the sick person on the plane who gave his cold to me. I was sick for about 10 days of my trip. Went to Bosque del Apache in NM to see Sand Hill Cranes. Saw hundreds of them, plus other water birds and plenty of hawks. Saw red cardinals in Indiana, first time in my life to see the real birds. So cool! Hellish trip home, 17 hours of traveling, 4 airports, 3 flights. Had seats where I was squished between large men on all flights. Could have been fun, but wasn't. Got home, today bright sunshine, blue sky, gorgeous mountains and forest.

    Give me some news!!!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Welcome back, Hortensia.

    Sorry for the bad parts of the trip. Will be in touch.


  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    6 weeks ago tomorrow I was fired for the first time EVER in my life! It was for the best though.

    Last August I started my own company with a business partner while we both worked full time for an employer in the same industry. I am in the asbestos abatement, mold, lead and methamphetamine demolition/cleanup industry –really any hazardous material cleanup. We primarily do insurance work after a fire or flood. We also do a lot of work for contractors remodeling older homes and buildings.

    It was a slow start. From August to December we only did 2 jobs. We were trying to get our name out there without stealing clients from my then employer. One thing lead to another and in January my then employer found out about my company and pulled the permits. He then saw our names on them and called us into a meeting. He first fired my business partner, then me. We were planning on putting out 2 week notice in, but not for another 4 weeks or so. But it put a fire under our asses to get more work. It also allowed us to focus 100% on OUR company.

    Last week we signed a contract for a big job starting in about a week. We will be able to employ ourselves and 10 to 14 other workers with just this one contract for a number of months. Also there is another contractor giving us all his work that he can’t handle. It’s all working out better than we could have foreseen. We are also getting calls from the marketing we’ve been doing.

    My business partner was an office manager for the company we were fired from, so I knew more about what was happening behind the scenes than I probably should have. They owe a lot of money to other contractors and supply companies as well as the IRS. They are behind in paying their payroll taxes. The IRS put a lean on their accounts. Both my partner and I would be surprised if their open for another 6 months.

    I have been in this industry for 10 years now and everything is paying off.

    That’s the latest news with me.

  • Hortensia

    wow, dazed! Good luck with your business, and make sure you pay all fees and taxes. Not doing so can really bite you in the ass.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    and make sure you pay all fees and taxes. Not doing so can really bite you in the ass.

    Yeah. Hopefully I can learn from the mistakes of others without making them myself. They had VERY extravagant lives from what I heard and saw. Many motorcycles, a Corvette and Cobra Mustang were always being flaunted at the shop. They also took vacations ever 6 to 7 weeks. No business sense.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Hi there Hortensia,

    Funny, I was thinking about you today, wondering how you were doing.

    Sounds like you had a mixed bag on your trip. The birds sound beautiful . I'm happy to hear all went well with your family.

    Double curses to the sick dude on the plane.

  • Hortensia

    Thanks, Eva Luna

    Dazed etc., you're right. That extravagant lifestyle, if the income doesn't warrant it, is the death knell for businesses.

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    I'm sitting in my office watching the snow falling, the drive in this morning was beautiful seeing the snow on the trees, when I went to bed last night there was no snow to be seen, it's lovely when it is fresh.

    I am going into a police station tomorrow for a full day to give a statement about my JW abuser to do with events that took place many years ago, so I can hopefully get closure. I live no where near the area now, so have my bag packed and will fly out this afternoon (snow permitting).

    I am normally quite a positive person, not so much today though.

  • ItsMyLife

    [email protected], I hope that you get closure soon, and that tomorrow won't be too traumatic for you. I will be thinking of you, as I know to a degree how you must be feeling x

    May whatever you believe and trust in keep you strong x

  • ndmom73

    Hello! My name is Lisa. I am fairly new here so you don't know me but since I am a very proud mom to 4 I will share with you how they are all doing. Not having a normal childhood myself, makes it that much better to enjoy the daily life of my children. :)

    My oldest daughter just had a birthday and turned 22! She rented a hotel room to throw herself a party, myself and my younger children went for a few hours to swim and have pizza/cake and then after we left her college friends came and I don't want to know much more then that they had a fun time and thankfully didn't get kicked out of the hotel! lol She was also celebrating because she has been accepted to several law schools and is in the process of figuring out where she is going to go. She graduates from college this May!

    My second oldest daughter just had a birthday as well, she turned 19. She goes to a college not close to home so she spent it with her friends. They took her to a barn dance and she had a fun time. Again, mom doesn't need to know the details as long as they were all smart and safe! :)

    My only son is in middle school. He is in his school production of High School Musical. He doesn't have a huge part, but he does have a few singing solos. The opening night is tomorrow so I am looking forward to seeing it. He also recently participated in the middle school All State Honor Choir which was exciting for him because it was his first school trip which involved a hotel stay with his friends. :)

    My youngest child is in 3rd grade. She is in dance and is excited because she is finally old enough to participate in dance competitions. Her first competition is in March. She is mostly excited because we have to travel and I promised her a hotel stay. lol Tonight we will be working on her class Valentines.

    Funny, all such simple things but of course as a JW none of it would have been possible. Thank goodness for eyes wide open! :)

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