A couple of Jehovah Witness stumpers! Add some if you like

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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Here's a stumper my husband & I just came across.... If you look in the front of your NWT at when the books of the bible were written, Ezekiel FINISHED writing his prophecies in 591 bce. If you use WTBT$ date of 607 B.C.E, then that means he was NOT a prophet, but simply writing history down that Jerusalem HAD been destroyed. It's a catch-22, either he was a prophet and finished his writings BEFORE the destruction of Jerusalem [which would make it after 591 B.C.E] or he's a false prophet and was just writing history after the fact. HUMMMMMMMM In the following article from the WT, the prophecies had been written and distributed to the public. another HMMMMMMM

    From the 56/WT 3/1 pg 146 pp7:


    Finally 2,562 years ago the Davidic dynasty became dormant when King Zedekiah was deposed and the throne was declared unoccupied in 607 B.C. By this time all the prophecy of Isaiah and most of the communications through Ezekiel and Jeremiah and some of the minor prophets had been proclaimed and released for public distribution. This flood of prophetic truths pertained to the fall and restoration of Jerusalem and was spiritual food indeed for the minds and hearts of the faithful minority of Israel. While these prophecies had their miniature fulfillments upon fleshly Israel, yet longer shadows were cast of good to be fulfilled in later times to a far more glorious spiritual Israel of God. Then through the prophet Daniel came heavenly prophetic truths concerning the rise and fall of the Gentile kingdoms leading to the time when the New World kingdom of Messiah would appear on the global scene to break in pieces and consume all these old-world kingdoms. In victorious vindication this kingdom would stand forever. Then 2,397 years ago the last of the Hebrew Scriptures was written, Malachi’s prophecy, setting forth truths as to Jehovah’s coming to the temple for judgment in company with His “angel of the covenant” to arrange for a cleansed priesthood to lead in pure worship for the new world.—Ezek. 21:27; Gal. 6:16; Mal. 3:1,


    You decide.

  • Emery

    Holy crap Newly Enlightened! that is awesome, great find!

  • Mum


    FatFreek 2005: Are you from Ohio? I think I might have known you in the '60's.



  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Thank you. My husband & I were watching a documentary about 'The Prophets' from the History channel and they mentioned that Ezekiel started writing his prophecies in 593 B.C.E, so we looked it up in the NWT. They say he was writing from 613-591 bce. They had to change the date to make it before 607bce, but they don't realize that it still leaves a thinking person to question that if he completed his writings according to that WT and distributed it out to the general public then the writings had to be COMPLETED before the destruction.

    Just a thought.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Mum: FatFreek 2005: Are you from Ohio? I think I might have known you in the '60's.

    Hi Mum. I kinda doubt it, unless there's something else I don't know. While in the JWs I was in Mass., Iowa, and Arkansas. That avatar is when I was 7 years old, some 65 years ago.


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    Indian Larry

    Newly Englightened. That is an excellent point. I would love to see Leolala weigh in on it.

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