Whatever happened to the "Fall of Babylon the Great" and the "drying up of the churches?

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  • Finkelstein

    Nothing but theological Bullshit that the Head editorial writers of the WTS. dreamed up and thought would make for an I catching book to read.

    Of course nothing of any actual truthful relevance transpired as to what was mentioned in that book.

    The surprising part of this is that the JWs read and studied it as if god had written the book himself.

    Food at the proper time as they say.

    God's earthly publishing company works in mysterious ways does he not ?

  • tiki

    well............the pope resigned....................that has got to have prophetic significance....(everyone is free to draw his/her own conclusion)

    perhaps catholicism will end up in a radical disarry and all the pedophilia and misuse/abuse of funding will come to full disclosure.....

    it could happen to any and all organized religions..........

  • smiddy

    Babylon The Great`s fall just like Armaggedonn is just around the corner .LOL


  • manthedan

    I had really bought into the fall of babylon scenario when I was in a couple years ago. I would even play out in my head various scenarios of this happening, shoot I even thought that the latest star wars movie had biblical references in it, the over throw of the jedi in a twisted coup symbolized religions near overthrow. I left the wt prior to the arab spring and had struggled with inner thoughts that this would soon culminate into religions destruction. Even now with the popes recent departure I still entertain the thought... What if the nations take the vatican now that there is no leader, a coup of some sort.

  • transhuman68

    Heh. Poor old Fred Franz didn't realise that the decline of religion, which really started in the 60's, would affect his beloved religion as well, as many other alternate lifestyles became more popular in the West. But of course he was a loony- his 1963 book tries to connect the myth of the Tower of Babel with the literal city of Babylon and Revelation- when most people realise now that 'Babylon the Great' was a code-word for Rome in the 1st century. In fact there are so many things in Revelation that are specific to the 1st century that it is ludicrous to imagine it has any relevance to us at all.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    "Why did we waste our time and our lives believing all those lies?

    I wish I knew."

    My sentiments, exactly!!!!!


  • mP

    I always thought Babylon the Great fell when Mohammads armies conquered it.

  • LisaRose

    I converted to this religion in 1969, this was a major teaching, we all were waiting for signs of the fall of Babylon The Great. Then, pffffft, nothing, they stopped talking about it and the whole thing was dropped. I doubt most dubbies today are even aware of it, it's a distant memory at best. I know look back and realize that it was a very skewed viewpoint to think that all mainstream religions were evil and corrupt. It was just propaganda on the part of the WTBTS to make themselves seem better, the only true religion, the only one that God approves of.

    Of course it seems crazy now, but at the time I fell for it. I have been to a few churches, they are just nice people doing their best, by no means the evil harlot the WTBTS made them out to be. We were duped.

  • Yura Ivanova
    Yura Ivanova

    Mystery Babylons (Shinar: Iraq) Fall still future, at tail end of the 4th and Final Kingdom. The Waters (Euphrates) being dried up is not anything to do with Churches, but the River Euphrates, for it will be dried up prior to Babylon the Greats destruction at hands of Kings of East (Persia: Modern day Iran) and the North (Media: Modern day Kurdistan).

    None of these prophecies have anything to do with the Watchtower. They are just another mainstream religion under control of UN.

    The Time of the End is what happens during last 3.5 years of mankinds history at the tail end of the 4th and final Kingdom that will be based in the Middle East. Its a divided Kingdom between the Kings of the North (Assyria) and the South (Egypt). Antichrist, or the man of sin is not from America, the UN, but from Assyria. He is the 3rd and Final King of Babylon.

    Yes, we are nearing an end, but not the Final and concluding one, and not the one predicted one the JW's dream of. Its only the end of the rule of Grecian Empire.

    The Watchtower do not figure in Bible Prophecy, and are only an insidious cult that is designed to detroy the faith of everyone else.

    Christ has come once. There is no invisible return between the 1st coming and 2nd and final arrival.

    The 144000 are still future. The 144000 come through the great tribulation alongside that of the great crowd.

    No one goes to heaven. Heaven is not destination of true christians.

    Jesus is not God, a god or an Angel. He was not in existence before all things. He is not the first born of all things, but of the New Creation and the Ages to come. The prophets came first before Christ, not other way around. He was just a man and nothing else. Jesus is the heir of all things. If he is God or a god, the how can he be heir?

    Jehovahs witnesses are really dangerous. Those that have gotten out. Consider yourselves very lucky.

    Life doesnt cenrte on having to do this, or that, or between man and man and God. Its by Grace and each one must have his own relationship with God.

    As for Revelation, still future. The prophecies have nothing to do with 1921, and the two witnesses are not Rutherford and co..................its all wacky theology.

    For those of you who are out, good on you, you had a very lucky escape, and rebuild whats left over in your lives. Its only a matter of time when the Watchtower will collapse. All Cults like it have a life cycle. Pity though for those that are still trapped in it and still believe the bullshit.

  • Yura Ivanova
    Yura Ivanova


    I think about some 2 million JW'S have left since the year 2000. The real number that are active might only be about 3.5-4.5 million. Next year will be 2014, how will they explain away the Generation of 1914 that would not pass away until all the things Christ spoke of had taken place? What if the Generation Christ has in mind not only a very future one, but one that will witness all these things taking place in Israel when the end time does begin? How can the Watchtower explain it?

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