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  • quincy_aka_quentin

    Hello all. My spiral note book with my inter-net info and pass words just up and vanished while in hospital. Therefore my tardiness in replying to Terry's thread, sorry for the delay.

    I may be more hard headed than Terry. I also fell off the front steps smacking my head against the house, that was in the morning, other fall was the evening of that day. The following is what the hospital found.

    Was quickly going into kidney failure. Doctors talked about dialysis
    In congestive heart failure
    Acutely de-hydrated
    Acutely enemic...gave me two units of blood
    Traces of blood in the stool, which called for being scoped { there is a funny story behind that, behind, I'm so funny }, stomach, colon. That Doctor removed 10 to 12 polyps. No blockage or bleeding found.

    Pain Doctor now has me on morphine 30mg extended release twice a day. In fact the Pain Doctor wanted me to take the oxy 3 TIMES A DAY for two weeks 10mg extended release. He didn't agree with the hospital. After we had a come to God meeting { not a plesant sight to see, sometimes you have to stand your ground } he switched to the morphine. His reason,or more likely reason to cover his butt, they hadn't tryed it first. The oxy was shutting my body down. Not having any problems with the morphine.

    THANKS EACH AND EVERYONE for your prayers, well wishes and blessings. CoCo, your phone call and Shelby's was most appreciated, SD7 we have got to get together, you only live twenty miles from me, and Terry, what can you say about a GOOD friend like him. Hard to express in words. He is my oldest long standing friend and I do mean FRIEND.

    What did I learn from all this? Well, this is the third time I've knocked on heavens door. The ONLY reason I continue to walk above ground is my family and Terry who saw what I could, or wouldn't. Made a vow, if they ever tell me I'm not right, off to hospital I go. You cannot cut corners with your health.

    Tally-Ho one and all. Stay safe, watch your health, when somebody says you NEED to go to the hospital GO, DO NOT DELAY.


  • cantleave

    Glad to see you posting again.

  • quincy_aka_quentin

    Jumped through some hoops but I'm back.

  • BlindersOff1

    Welcome back

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Get well Quentin.

  • quincy_aka_quentin

    Thank you. It is nice to be up, out and about...

  • tec

    So glad that you are well, Quentin. So glad you have your loved ones ready to tell you to get your butt to the hospital, and that you'll listen next time!

    Peace to you,


  • quincy_aka_quentin

    Thanks Tam...if it had not been for Kathy, and my daughter Stacy, and Terry I would have become nothing but a memory.

  • tec

    Then hugs to all of them!

    Peace and love to you all,


  • Lozhasleft

    Great news you're on the mend. Nice one Terry.

    Loz x

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