Question for Brits.

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  • 88JM

    If you're interested in particular MP's and how they vote on a particular issue (especially when they rebel against their parties-line) then this is a very good website:

  • bigmac

    What he didn't ruin the one eyed Scottish idiot Gordon Brown finished off.

    totally agree.

    no one in this country ( england i mean ) voted for him

    but it was all part of the plan. the labour party knew it was all going tits-up---so they needed to lose the election---so who better to put up front?--worked a treat.

  • Nambo

    I work there.

    650 MPs, only 440 seats, most will attend Prime Ministers Question time, even though it means some have to sit on the steps, if you saw only "40-60" people in the room, it wasnt PMQ,s, they like to be seen on the telly by the people that voted for them, doing thier job.

    One session, the debate was attended by 3 or 4 MPs, and it finished early, hense the next topic for discussion arrived before the interested MPs, so they had to shut up shop for a while, as there was no one there.

    Tony Blair only ever arrived for that half hour on Wednesdays for PMQs, at the time he was the least attentive Prime Minister we ever had, I only ever saw him 3 times, on one occassion he passed me in the corridor and gave me what I can only discribe as a sheepish and guilty smile.

    As Cedars said, its "theatre", I dont even know why they bother having debates, I wonder if any MP has ever been swayed by hearing the other sides view of a debate, generally MPs will do what the whips tell them voting wise, especially if they want to retain thier party seat at the next election. Dogs could easily be trained to run up the relevant voting lobby, thereby saving the country lots in MPs expenses, but then folk might realise we dont live in a democracy after all.

    When Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, he who said nobody could have forseen the current economic collapse after he sold our gold, well his Personal secretary who is an MP herself, was chatting to me as I was taking her into the Prime Ministers suite, she said the internet was the best place to get news from nowadays, I replied, "yes, I read four years ago (a year in advance of the sub-prime mortgages) that the bankers were going to bring about an economic colapse, so I invested all my assets in Gold", you should have seen the look of horror on her face, I allways wonder if she told the PM?

  • snare&racket

    Different building, archbishop and his dodgy mates are allowed into the house of lords. The room you are talking about is the house of commons, anyone may attend and they stand up if they have a question to ask on behalf of their local area etc.

    british politics is not that bad, we have scandals like "minister corruption... He lied about his speeding fine" or stories about MPs cleaningout their moats with taxpayers money! Its hardly Watergate, but they are very human nonetheless.

    if you are interested, watch 'Question Time' on the BBC. Its a panel show of politicians etc with current events. Or there is a radio version earlier in the week with the same premise.

    Tony Blair could have been our greatest prime minister in living memory (apart from Churchill) only he saddled up and took instruction from a lunatic with a southern drawl. He was charisma, strength and hope personified when new labour was announced, he was a liar, weak and neck high in innocent blood when he left. Interesting human stories in politics......


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