JW Apologists Keep Commenting

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  • RayPublisher

    @ A de A - It's funny that you ask that- I recently looked at Google Analytics and pulled up a map of the visitors and there was a high concentration of visits from my local area, dramatically more than other larger populated places. Also, the people from my local area visiting spent significantly more time on the site than the average.

    I had a person recently email me saying they knew many of the same people and named names. He (she?) said they wanted to have lunch with me and I gave them my cell and am waiting for them to txt me.

  • RayPublisher

    UPDATE: Well I've had several on my blog ask me to ban a certain one of these JW Apologists so I gave the person some conditions:

    1. Give honest answers to the question that people are asking you by doing research and not just answering with, "It's in the WT Library", etc.

    2. Don't just troll and don't call people names.

    We shall see if it does any good lol.

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