Double standards for elders?

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  • El_Guapo

    I read a post on this site that said that there is a double standard for elders as opposed to regular R&F publishers. Can't seem to find it now, but I believe it was in the elders manual stating this......

    Thinking back, I can vividly remember one instance: The PO's (a superstar in the district) daughter was getting married. She was marrying a "brother" who was only baptized but 3 months, yet the were able to use the hall for their wedding.

    Another brother in our hall (about 2 years later) was planning on getting married, he asked for permission to use the hall for his wedding and was told that his service hours were too low (he was averaging about 3-5 hours a month) I asked him later why he was so pissed at the elders and he said this was the reason.

    Has anyone else ever noticed this "double-standard"?

  • NeonMadman

    I remember one case back in the 1970s where an elder's daughter and a newly baptized young man both got reproved, presumably for some sexual hanky-panky. The elder's daughter had her restrictions lifted after a month; the guy's lasted nearly a year.

  • Sapphy

    I believe the double standard is that if an Elder admits to serious wrongdoing, such as an affair, but the wrongdoing happened some time ago, no-one found out about it, and he continued to recieve Jehovahs blessing, he doesn't even have to step down as an elder.

    A publisher would potentially still merit a private reproof, as I understand it.

  • justmom

    Hello el guapo

    Happens all the time,

    And the partiality is also in who you know, how valuable you seem to the congregation , the influence you have on individuals etc.....

    Know this for a fact. Lived it. Sad to say and our family is still getting away with it as long as they don't disbelieve the WTBS is " the truth". ..they can pretty much get away with anything.

    Just my 02 cents


  • ShirleyW

    "Double standards for elders?"

    and the sky is blue.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Just in one hall and on one body of elders: The cobe had two sons. The older one dinky dipped before he got married and his younger brother got caught with dirty pics of himself with others on facebook(now removed). Their reward was bethel but younger one was asked to leave bethel once they caught wind of what he did and the older one fessed up after his stay and was no longer pioneer or ms. He wasn't allowed to get married in the hall but wasn't made public untill the day of the wedding and a big sign was put on the kingdom hall doors that the wedding would be at a certain address with maps under a big rock for people to take. Cobe's relative who also was on the body of elders was caught underage drinking but able to pioneer. Cobe knew about a brother who was living commonlaw with a worldly woman and covered it up. He even gave a local needs on marrying outside of the lord. Hypocrite! Plus, his son makes it on the news doing over 200kms and when the police tried to catch him he sped up. He even made the news stations. Nothing happened. Move to another hall and an elder there has a sixteen yearold daughter pregnant, brings worldly boyfriend to memorial and elder gets to say the closeing prayer. Then we have a brother who doesn't come to the meetings, he's df'd, gets reinstated so hopefully his wife won't leave him, after he's reinstated he smashes his wifes car by hand, gets a worldly girl that works for him to forge a legal document and is still coming on to his female staff and nothing is done. He gets all elders doteing on him. These guys must think we've all gone to idiot school or something.

  • Phizzy

    I believe Sapphy is dead right above, which is so wrong if you think about it, if the R&F person has been gaily going along to Meetings and out in FS etc since said incident, then surely they have "Jehovah's blessing" just as much as Elder Coverup did ?

    No thunderbolt hit the R&F person to show Big J's displeasure, same as with the Elder.

    The real scandal is they hint that this can be true even of an Elder who has commited child abuse in the past !

    Double standards are no standards, the WT/JW organization is amoral.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I want to state this for the unfairness of it. (Double standard).

    Fifty years ago, a JW girl, Ma----- Co--, tells her JW boyfriend, Bo-- Jo----- she is pregnant. Sorry, I don't remember that part of the story, if she was or wasn't pregnant but the point was they were having sex and were not confessing to the Elders. (He has been an Elder for 40 years and a Servant before that). So there was no private, or public reproof or disfellowshipping .

    He tells his Bestman, Wa ---- Wa ---- this. His Bestman (who was a Servant and then an Elder until he died) tells his best friend, my ex-husband about Bo & Ma's horizontal rumba bumba goings on.

    Forty years ago my ex points this couple out to me.

    Time goes by.

    Thirty years ago, we are invited out to a small country congregation, where my ex gives the public talk. Afterwards, we go to the PO's for Sunday dinner.

    This couple, from 5o years ago, Bo-- & Ma----- Jo-----, with their daughter, are in this congregation, so come along for dinner also.

    The couple whos house/farm it is, my ex has known for 55 years. He doubled dated with them once. He said they were pretty hot and heavy at it in the back seat of his car, way back when.

    This PO's oldest son, Ma--, acted strange. Bo-- and Ma-----'s daughter, acted strange.

    Come to find out, a few weeks later, this girl is pregnant (for real) from the PO's oldest son. Nothing happened to either of them. Her Uncle, who is her father's brother, is a District Overseer. He came out and gives their wedding talk! WT?? The DO was/is Wa --- Jo-----.

    The PO who's oldest son got his girlfriend pregnant? His name is Jo-- and his wife is Ma-- Fu-----. They became CO's, shortly after this incident took place.

    I hate the pontificating of privileges for some, and disfellowshipping and shunning for others. I hate it.

    Just Lois Telling it like it is Keeping it real

  • hoser

    Just Lois you have mail

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