Has anyone seen this? The old guys in NY give their thoughts on IN Vitro fertilization

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    So giving your fertilized egg to a surrogate is pornia

  • Honeybucket

    yep. My husband told me that getting artificial insemination would be considered adultery. They have a doctrine on EVERYTHING

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    a doctrine based on scriptures written before any of this stuff was even a thought in someones mind

  • Tater-T

    another "cult" tell..... having an answer for everything....

    aka.. being presumptuous



    (of a person or their behavior) Failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.
    arrogant - presuming - conceited - overweening - insolent
  • sd-7

    Yeah, I was floored when I read that article. This is the most spectacular mindf*** in history:

    You can be punished for fornication without ever having had sex.

    Look, if I'm goin' down for that, then I might as well get some action on the side, just so I can at least get the pleasure that goes with the charge. I mean, oh, Lawd have merceh...


  • sd-7

    I actually did a thread on this subject sometime ago. Apparently it must've been too boring to get your attention:


    I'd been wondering after I'd read it, if anyone really had been expelled over this issue. This is like, some newsworthy kind of stuff here.


  • jgnat

    I had no idea this was a current article. They're nuts to put something like this in writing.


    Let's hope a few future mamas who put off their child-bearing years for the new system will see the light.

  • thecrushed

    Ummmmmmm WTF!!!!!

  • SophieG

    JGNAT posted a link to my meltdown yesterday over this issue. I ended up having to take something for the anxiety is caused yesterday. I was so angry. I am not even in the CULT anymore and this really upset me. I can’t imagine if I was in and read this…I would have cussed out somebody at the KH!

    I mentioned it to a relative of mine who is an elder and he had not heard about it and he was kind of taken aback. Then I mentioned it to a female relative who is in and she gave me the: “we don’t always understand Jehovah…blah-blah-blah…. I wanted to strangle her. I told her Jehovah must be a psychopathic monster, to be this insensitive and lead these 8 nuts in Brooklyn to publish this! What they should have done is stayed out of it, minded their own business and left it up to folks conscience and Jehovah. Of course my relative had all her kids without any complications and I was shocked that she was not empathetic towards her fellow sisters who deeply desire to have children.

    These are the WTBS criteria on which they call IVF Porneia broken down:

    1. A woman’s eggs might be fertilized with sperm from a man who is not her husband. She might then allow the resulting embryos to be implanted in her.

    2. A husband’s sperm might be used to fertilize the eggs from a woman who is not his wife. The husband’s wife might then allow the resulting embryos to be implanted in her.

    3. Embryos placed in a wife’s womb involve neither her eggs nor her husband’s sperm.

    4. A married couple’s eggs and sperm are fertilized outside the womb by IVF. The resulting embryos are then implanted in the womb of a surrogate, a woman who carries the baby and delivers it for them.

    #4 REALLY bothers me because so many women cannot carry a child to full term. It’s robbing these people who are in, who want to have a child. I have a friend right now who is in and when I told her this she was CRUSHED.

    It is insensitive, intrusive and totally out of line. But if they want to stick to “Mosaic Law” and quote from it I feel it’s fair game if my GF tells her hubby to impregnate their housekeeper and insist that holy spirit lead her to do so, just as in the case of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. OF COURSE…THAT’S NOT PORNEIA!

  • 00DAD

    OK, Let's review: It's a cult!

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