My wife is feeling uncomfortable about the NEW LIGHT

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  • AnnOMaly

    Just for the record, according to the NooLiteâ„¢ the anointed domestics get the same reward - being appointed over all the Master's belongings - as the FDS/GB does. The anointed domestics fast-track to the highest position without having had any responsibility of oversight first. Neat, huh?

  • DaCheech

    data-dog: Gatchaman rules!

    anyway, my wife during the study was flipping thru the watchtower, and she made sure I saw the article on IVF............ pretty twisted reasoning!!!!



    Good point. How can any who are not the FDS be appointed over the Master's belongings?!

    We also get 2 classes of domestics now! One with Christ as mediator, and one without! Someone with computer skills needs to update the JW hierarchy chart so we can keep track.



    I know. The Japanese originals are the bomb!! I want them all!!

  • DaCheech


    I saw this youtube trailer of a movie, but I guess the movie was never done!??!!??

  • lovelylil

    I agree 100% with Billy on this. Its a papal power grab (LOVE this term) and trying to divert attention away from all those partaking now.

    With this "new light" we will eventually see new light on partaking. I am calling it now.............sooner or later ALL will be able to partake. And thats because its not "special" anymore. Too many are doing it already. So in order to help the dubs "digest", the new light, they need to give them a bone so they still feel special in jehovahs eyes. So why not let them ALL partake? What diff does it make if only 8 men truly matter anyway?

    And by doing this, they can pull in more members from other churches most of which would NEVER join or even consider the JW's a church with no partaking! They need to go more mainstream, like the worldwide church of God or they will perish. They new new blood (no pun intended)

    So I am calling it now, new light soon to follow, all members to partake but 8 men still make ALL the rules, lol

  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    I would like to go on record as agreeing with the poster above. All JW's will be able to partake sooner or later. I will add the proviso that they will reserve the nibble and sip for only ACTIVE JW's that meet certain hour requirements or perhaps (and I am not predicting this part) those who tithe. They are able to change anything and the average R&F JW will never kick against them. They will know in their heart it is wrong but the fear of armageddon and losing their family will keep them in line.

  • WTWizard

    That's what you get when you try and regulate sex under death (or hellfire) threats. Anyone that tries to pick apart what is "porneia" and what is not is actually behaving Jewish--Pharisaic Jewish, at that. And, if they are bashing the Pharisees, they are committing hypocrisy--which is the worst part of the whole thing. Does a Christian organization that claims to have abandoned Judaism have any business trying to pick apart what is "porneia" and what is not?

  • NVR2L8

    If IVF is so bad why did Jehovah allow his "friend" Abraham to deposit his semen in his servant Hagar so he could have a son? Then, Sarah miraculously becomes pregnant...Jehovah's blessing of course. Wouldn't in had made more sense that Jehovah made Sarah fertile in the first place so Abraham wouldn't have to fertilize Hagar?

  • wallsofjericho

    is no one asking who the 24 elders are now?

    I think the next Revelation book will have the 24 elders represent the GB since they will be appointed over all Jesus' belognins at that time.

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